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Discover the delights of a full moon kayak experience on Ibiza

A perfect evening seeing Ibiza's beautiful coastline whilst a full moon rises above the sea with Kayak Ibiza and you've got yourself a perfect evening.

Ibiza's coastline is one the most beautiful in the world. Add to that an illuminating view of Ibiza Town at night whilst a full moon rises above the sea and you've got yourself a perfect evening. Kayak Ibiza offered all of this and more with its full-moon excursion around the cliffs of Talamanca Bay.

Setting out on our night to meet the full-moon by kayak

The trip started with a basic introduction to kayaking, which gave a beginner like me some welcome security before heading out onto the warm evening waters. If there was anyone who was going to fall in, it would likely be me.

With the calm sea waiting, our group was ready to depart. Me and my Spanish partner were both relatively new to this exciting water sports activity. It was a good opportunity for me to improve my language skills, and for her to enjoy some light humour as I attempted to coordinate myself… or at least keep the paddle facing the right way.

It was “left, right, left, right, izquierda, izquierda, derecha!” until we finally caught-up with the others. Luckily our team of experienced instructors were on hand to guide us. We were soon paddling ahead like Olympians. Redgrave, watch out.

Seeing the sea-swept cliff faces this close was a dream. Slaloming in-and-out of the sharp rocks brought some adrenaline to what was a more relaxed start. My beginner insecurities were gone for good at this point as the instructors encouraged us to move at our own pace.

A much-needed pitstop with water and snacks at our own private pebbled torrent around Cap Martinet helped me understand why kayaking is so popular. Being able to access these secluded places so easily gives a feeling of adventure and independence. And not to mention it's good for the environment, too. Just remember to clean-up after yourself.

Breathtaking Ibiza coastline

After a rest, it was time to head back and towards what we were told would be the perfect location for the main event. We were lined-up together and in position. It was a true spectacle seeing the moon appear from nowhere and shimmer across the darkened water. We popped open the Cava and cheered to a great evening out on the Ibiza coast.

The full moon kayak experience is a special one. Happening only once a month, the unspoiled view of this planetary glowing orb is one of astronomical excitement. As day stepped aside, and night swept over, the bubbles were flowing, and the atmosphere was warm.

Returning by night back to base

I'm a bit of a nature nut who loves to discover off the beaten track. To think, after 22 years, I've never kayaked before. It's something I'd recommend to everyone of all skill level – especially when you can journey somewhere special or experience something as unique as a full moon on the Mediterranean.

For a serene experience, make a date with Kayak Ibiza and see Ibiza's coastline and landmarks lit by a bright full moon.

Kayak Ibiza runs its full-moon kayak trips each night of the full moon. See its Facebook page for all coming events. The company offers kayak trips on most days throughout the year on the beaches of Figueretas, San Antonio and Es Figueral.

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