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Summer adrenaline shots: Stand Up Paddle

Get active on your next Ibiza holiday - our series shows you how.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding has become a holiday must for water-sports enthusiasts over the past few years.

It's infinitely popular on Ibiza and there's no surprise why. The surfing alternative offers the perfect way to explore the island's many beautiful beaches whilst providing a serious full body workout. Paddle away the guilt from last night's tapas indulgence.

You can even have your paddle crew greeted with refreshing cocktails on board a boat that's been specially-designed for SUP activities with Sup Paradise Ibiza.

Ruben, a SUP expert and Ibiza native, is on hand to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable day riding the turquoise waters whilst discovering the island's hidden treasures.

Who knew balancing health and enjoyment could be so simple? Just don't stand-up too fast.

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