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Paradiso Art Hotel Ibiza opens with with a burst of colour

New art hotel concept launches officially this weekend with a free-to-enter party that’s full of surprises.

This fabulously art deco Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel will elegantly swing its doors open this Saturday 23 June 2018 for its official opening party, ushering in a new Ibiza hotel concept.

The brand new San Antonio Bay hotel kick off its first season with a party that goes all the way from 19:00 with completely free entry.

To divert you, there's the official opening of the “Technicolor” exhibition of the ADDA Gallery where light and energy are celebrated using the intersection of various artists' work with music.

The "Zero Suite" in the hotel's fabulous reception

Plus there are performances, real-time tattoo art by Paul Coyote and a live show from Curro Coronel.

Top Ibiza DJs will be on the decks with Sarah Main, Colin Peters, Camilo Miranda, Norman Webber and Ernesto Altés o Falomir!

The hotel's Art Paradiso concept, is the heart of the hotel, with art featuring in each of the rooms, plus there's an art library and its gallery is open to both guests and the public.

There is even a chance to be part of the art yourself in the Zero Suite, a room with completely glass walls. You can give a performance or just try to get some shuteye whilst people passing by see your personal version of living art.

The Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is sure to receive rave reviews, so go and see what the new arty kid in town is doing - we'll be there to join you, cocktails in hand.

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