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Decadence and freedom at La Troya opening at HEART

One of Ibiza's most iconic parties, La Troya is back at the Marina Botafoch nightclub as wild as ever.

The first night of the summer for Brasilio and company, La Troya's opening party smashed it with bucketloads of energy at HEART Ibiza. Taking us by storm, we saw only good vibes in the house, as well as loads of crowd participation and enthusiasm, a glimpse of what Ibiza in the '90s must have felt like.

Be ready for some craziness and transgression for this one. And if you think that an elegant location like HEART could have tamed the organisers, think again. Bravo to the HEART crew for embracing the concepts for which this party is famous: freedom and fun for everyone, no matter what.

Here are three reasons that make this party so special and beloved after 30 years on the island.

The music

The music is, of course, one of the most important elements of the party. When we arrived, it was banging Ibiza house. It had been quite a while since we had last heard something so uplifting and believe us it was grand.

Naturally, people were dancing their butts off. Well done - that was a great start. To be clear, the music was far from kitsch or obvious. It was proper clubbing house emerging from Camilo Franco, an island institution, on the decks, fitting both the party and the summer to a tee.

When this is your welcome into a club, you know things will be getting wild and dirt. Oh yeah!

Camilo Franco is a legend on Ibiza and a series of bomb tracks confirm that. It is very easy to dance, and we were more than happy to do so.

Here are some more hyper and crazy energetic tracks.

This celebratory song was the last of Camilo set, a disco house tune from Purple Disco Machine.

At this point, after a beautiful speech by Baby Marcello, La Troya legend DJ Oscar Colorado took the decks, and the love went deep.

Colorado definitely knows how to get a party going. He drove us into the night with a sound that was both fresh and fun. The dance floor was packed and sexy.

By now all the performers were on the stage, creating a unique show of colour and diversity.


The atmosphere is definitely something else at La Troya. Needless to say, it is an LGBTQI party. This does not mean that only gay people attend the party. On the contrary, you will find a beautiful variety of people enjoying themselves.

Happiness is contagious and this diversity is what Ibiza is about: a melting pot of different people having a great time together. On this island detached from time and space, everything is possible.

We asked some people why they keep coming year after year at La Troya, and their answer was that this party is an "Ibizian icon" still carrying the torch of the positive craziness that permeates the White Isle with its freedom of expression.


The great thing about HEART is that sooner or later the artists and the go-go dancers are going to walk and mix with the crowd. When the performers of La Troya are walking around, they certainly make an impact.

To say that they are flamboyant is an understatement. They are pretty amazing - they are the party.

Among them, a couple dressed in S&M clothing walked through the crowd, one of them wearing a pig mask. Wow, that was definitely something else. A colourful trans on high heels wearing ostrich feathers and a glamorous woman in a sexy dress were also showing off their attributes.

Need we say more? Let' s just say that smoking a cigarette on the Terrace has never been so entertaining and plenty more.

One of the rocks of La Troya, Baby Marcelo gave a fantastic speech in between the change of the DJs, reminding us that we are alive to have fun, that it is nice to be transgressive and that this party is the right place to do so.

But the real focus of his talk was on freedom: the freedom to be who you are for real and to dance in a wonderful Ibizan night where the time, the look and the lipstick you have on are not important. The only thing that matters is being yourself.

Check below for more details on La Troya.

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