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Cathy Guetta’s GangStar opening party packs a punch

The French socialite’s GangSquad bring some hardcore girl power to Ibiza.

Hip-hop has officially landed at Hï Ibiza this summer with Cathy Guetta's new GangStar party. A collaboration between The Night League and Cathy Guetta, this is one party you have to see to believe.

Focusing on cool music, spectacular exhibition, and bringing power to the female gender, the GangSquad rallied together to make this an unforgettable opening party.

It promised to bring that VIP luxury feel to the dance floor – but did it deliver?

Here's what went down at the first ever GangStar party.

Who runs the world

GangStar was very much about girl power. This running motif hit you right in the face when entering the Theatre.

Huge fighting-style cages were staged in the centre of the dancefloor with Cathy Guetta's boxing gloved GangSquad dance team raised high and proud as they showed off their powerfully provocative moves. Clubbers were left open-mouthed. The GangSquad owned the dancefloor.

BBC Radio 1xtra's DJ Charlsey provided the soundtrack for even more girl domination. Favourites such as Beyoncé's Run the World and Work by Rihanna brought that stateside stylishness to Ibiza.

The music

R'n'b, hip-hop, garage and everything urban was rocking Hï for the first time since it opened last year. In the Club room, Ale Zuber and his posse were getting those liquid hips going.

MC Don Kino, who was particularly impressive, offered another dimension to the entertainment in Hï's second room. It was my first experience of an MC in an Ibiza club. His exuberance was infectious, and the Club was loving every minute of it.

Much has been said about Hï's disco bathroom, so I was more than keen to check it out for the first time. Aldo Vanucci, HAINS and Mr Doris brought a cool mix of garage beats and commercial favourites.

Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude sent nostalgia flowing. I was surprised and how packed it was when I first went in. On this night, it held its own as a stand-out Hï room - I will definitely be spending a lot more time here this season.

Double Guetta

Cathy Guetta placed herself at the centre of the night and in the middle of her GangSquad for an impressive bit of theatre as the party reached its peak. The French socialite, former club manager and ex-wife of David Guetta laid on a dance routine that Beyoncé herself would have been proud of.

Soon after, a vintage microphone descended onto the stage - in this case, the ring - and Cathy gave a charismatic speech, pumping that loud and proud girl power onto the dance floor. The crowd was boisterous as the French showgirl spoke about starting a new story on Ibiza.

She even thanked David Guetta himself - albeit sarcastically - but you'd have to believe some gratitude was behind her words as many clubbers had come directly from Monsieur Guetta's earlier show across the street.

He even turned up in support of his former wife. His presence in the VIP was appreciated by a large part of the crowd who had watched the superstar DJ perform just hours before at his BIG opening at Ushuaïa.

A knock-out opening

The Guetta GangStar GangSquad promised a powerfully fresh concept and more than delivered on opening night. The music, the style and the exhibition brought a new kind of entertainment to Ibiza.

GangStar is the perfect party for those hip-hop and r'n'b fans who fancy something a little different during their stay on the island. There was more than just music; there was theatre. The production was spectacular as well entertaining.

Cathy Guetta definitely knows how to throw a party. Her vigorous personality delivered a weighty opening party punch – and that was only round one.

Check below for confirmed details and more info for GangStar, taking place every Monday until 24 September.

And for those of you who'd prefer to start the party a little earlier, head to Ushuaïa for BIG by David Guetta.

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