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3 reasons why you need to check out Pyramid at Amnesia

For its third round, Maceo Plex took control of the Amnesia Terrace and unleashed hell.

After witnessing the third round of new party Pyramid in the mega-club of San Rafael, the real question becomes, "Do you love to rave?" If you do, read on. It's easy to see why the newest party at Amnesia is gaining confidence and respect from techno heads and ravers from the island and beyond.

Techno is the main music style of the party, but creativity has lots of room, too. The party is finding its path, faring well against competition and most likely establishing a new legendary underground event, able to fill those giant shoes left at Amnesia Mondays.

This time Maceo Plex and his label Ellum curated the Terrace and made everyone go bonkers. The Main Room had a fantastic line-up, too, with the Pyramid residents and some great guests.

So, without further ado, here's why this is one party you need to check out for yourselves.


At an underground night, the music is and must be the centre of attention. With this spirit, we entered the Amnesia doors. We were not disappointed. Banging over-the-top techno resounded from both rooms.

With big smiles from ear to ear on our faces, we could not decide between the Main Room, where Luca Donzelli was doing a grand job, and the Terrace, with the visionary KiNK playing live, moving along the decks with creative fury.

After the Bulgarian virtuoso, it was time for the legendary Stephen Bodzin, also live. Two such giants in a row - now that's what you call quality.

This was probably the best live set from the German producer we have heard on Ibiza ever, with modular sound and synthwave impressions - very tasty. Pyramid has clearly set out to offer something special to its public.

Next up in the Main Room, Luigi Madonna was entertaining the multitude of ravers dancing with a neat techno sound.

Maceo Plex then took over the decks of the Terrace and the atmosphere around us changed instantly. What a feeling to be there, all united by our love for his music.

His set was dark and funky at the same time, with classics and bangers, making any form of resistance impossible. With echoes of 80s new wave, a bit of industrial Nine Inch Nails-style and a crunchy techno bassline, all mixed together and voilá: the sound is served. Wow.

We came back to this world only when the music stopped and the lights went on. What a ride -thanks, Eric.


All right we just said that music is the most important thing at an underground party, but the production is also essential, and it was wicked, too.

Green luxurious decorations transformed Amnesia in an Amazonian forest - or it could have been a spaceship since the green was reminiscent of aliens. Either way, we loved it. A spaceship with an engine that runs on techno as its fuel.

Sick lasers sliced the air all around us, convincing us that visitors were actually going to land in the middle of Terrace. Recurring geometrical shapes were projected all around the club - take a wild guess - yes, of course, in the shape of mesmerising pyramids. Quite mystical.

Finally, the mark of every good party at Amnesia, the CO2 cannon always deserve a mention because even after all these years, they remain an integral part of every dance floor, always refreshing and surprising the crowd at the perfect time when the bass dropped.


The vibe is a truly crucial reason to love a party or a club. To be in a place where people just happen to be is one thing; to be in a place where people want to be is a completely different thing.

At Pyramid, especially this past Monday, those in attendance were there because they wanted to see their musical heroes and dance like crazy. This creates an electricity in the air that is tangible. It was a rave atmosphere, something very precious these days.

It is refreshing to see that some things don't change or change for the better. Amnesia has retained the underground Monday appointment, a day for music lovers, for those who want to dance and feel a spirit of community in front of the speakers, with a banging beat and atmosphere.

It's just as refreshing to find that there are still actual ravers on Ibiza. Are you one of them? If so, this is the party for you. If not, it's your chance to find out what it's like.

With plenty more take-overs, including Game Over, Fuse, Keep On Dancing and Diynamic, as well as a solid programme throughout the summer, Pyramid may very well be the new place to be on Mondays for underground music lovers and ravers.

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