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Summer adrenaline shots: kayak trips

Get active on your next Ibiza holiday - our new series shows you how. 

Ibiza holidays are about discovery and in between all the partying, sometimes you just need an adrenaline boost. Going out on the open sea on a kayak will do just that.

It's fun and you get to see secret spots and some beautiful nature. From rugged stretches of coast to secret coves and lagoons, you will get an active and birds-eye view of it all.

If you want to keep your upper body trim after last night's steak and chips or avocado-topped vegan burger, then this is the holiday sport for you.

It's great for people of all ages and at the end will leave you feeling calm and ready for the next adventure. As the maxim goes, “Even a bad day of kayaking is better than a good day at work.”

Try one of Kayak Ibiza's guided excursions and see for yourself.

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