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Rudimental chat about new Ibiza Rocks pool party

We talk to the electronica band about Ibiza, their upcoming event and new label Major Tom’s.

This summer UK chart-topping band Rudimental have curated a brand new pool party at Ibiza Rocks Hotel. This nine-week residency will begin on 5 July and have its closing event on 30 August.

The full line-up that will play at the Rudimental & Friends Pool Party has been revealed today and is jammed packed full of fantastic artists. Anne-Marie, Charlie Sloth, David Rodigan, Gorgon City, Heartless Crew, High Contrast, J Hus, DJ Target and many others will be heating up the dance floor this summer.

From rap, grime and garage to reggae, afrobeats and dancehall to house and drum n bass, the mix of talent joining Rudimental encapsulates their diverse musical taste and huge international appeal.

This new venture also sees Rudimental officially launch their brand, Major Tom's. A label and event project run by the entire band sets them up to take over San Antonio this summer at Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

As the official home of a proper Ibiza pool party, Ibiza Rocks is dedicated to providing fresh music within the island's party scene. Bringing both innovative concepts and awesome energy to each event the venue has become a favourite location for daytime ravers.

We recently sat down with Kesi from Rudimental for a chat about Ibiza, the new label and the upcoming pool party residency.

Hi Kesi, Thanks for speaking with Ibiza Spotlight today. You first came to Ibiza Rocks back in 2012, can you remember what that show was like?

Yeah, I think the first time we ever played there it was a DJ set, we came on after disclosure when we were supporting Example there and it was a lot of fun. Then we came back and played live with the whole band there, I remember that being one of my all-time favourite live shows. There was such a great energy at Ibiza Rocks, the crowds always really go for it which makes us go for it onstage. It's definitely one of the favourite shows we've done.

Moving now into 2018, what can we expect from a Rudimental pool party at Ibiza Rocks?

Its gonna be a lot of fun for sure! We've curated a line-up of exciting artists, some that are really well known and some that are more up and coming. All of them are people that we are inspired by, the kind of music that we as a band listen to. We wanted to give these artists a platform to perform and share their talent. The entire Rudimental crew will be there too playing live. We just want everyone to come down, have fun and lose their inhibitions.

With it being a daytime party at Ibiza Rocks, will the performance be different to your nightclub gigs?

It won't be a live show as such, it will be more DJ orientated. There will be live elements though, with Live PA's, trumpet and Saxophone players performing also. With Rudimental, even if it is a DJ set there's always a touch of a live element in our gigs. Day parties are also popular right now, it's definitely fun for us as a band to get out in the great Ibiza weather and enjoy the sunshine for sure.

During your visits to Ibiza, what sort of parties do you like to go to?

One of the favourite ones we went to last year was elrow. It was a lot of fun, I love the way the dress up their venue and it makes it an insane experience. We also had a few nights at DC10 as well. We're good friends with Martinez Brothers, so we'd to go see them DJ there. We recently released a track together called No Fear. It was nice to produce an Ibiza style house tune that's made specifically for the clubs.

Where do you like to go to in your downtime to relax and chill out on the island?

When I go to Ibiza in my downtime I like to get a quad bike out and go exploring. There are so many beaches I've visited whilst on the island, it's impossible to name them all. But when exploring the coast there are so many amazing places to discover which are away from the party mayhem. Another place which is really nice, is Hacienda, a hotel spa which is set on a clifftop. It's a great chill out place with amazing views, it's where the band goes to chill out together.

Your new music sees you explore a different side of electronica, did Ibiza influence this new music in any way?

I think that we have been influenced by Ibiza in some ways. We've been here every summer for the past 6 years. Being able to spend time over here, we always take that brilliant energy and vibe back into the studio to create new music. These new releases have seen us explore different styles of electronic music taking a step away from the drum and bass singles we are known for. It's nice to have some big tunes that have a different kind of sound with more texture, so we can express what Rudimental is about.

So with your music moving progressively forward, do you'll think you'll move away from your Drum and Bass roots completely?

No, I think there will always be elements of drum and bass and influences that we use in production. Whether or not we'll release another Rudimental dnb single this year, I'm not too sure. But on the album, there will definitely be some dnb influences because that's part of our culture and our history that we've grown up with. We will never leave that behind as it's what made rudimental successful. We have however done a bit of producing for Thandi Phoenix over the past few months with a track called My Way, which is a cool drum and bass track.

What made you want to do a pool party at Ibiza Rocks Hotel?

So the main reason why we're doing a pool party this summer is to promote the launch of Major Toms, our label and event brand. So the party is a good opportunity for us to give that a platform and show it off to Ibiza. We've always wanted to do a multi-genre event which brings together people from all walks of life as that's what Rudimental has always been about.

Do you have any particular favourite acts that you are looking to having on stage with you this summer?

Firstly I have to give Anne Marie a mention as she's currently signed to our label. She's been smashing it this year, releasing some amazing songs. Then on the other side of things, we've taken the event in a retro direction with music we grew up with and we'd raved when we were young. So people like Heartless crew I'm really looking forward to seeing perform alongside us. There are also artists like J Hus who have been killing it in the past year, again it's going to be fantastic watching him doing his thing live at Ibiza Rocks.

Finally, do you have a favourite Ibiza memory from your previous visits to the island?

My favourite memory apart from actually playing at Ibiza Rocks would have to be watching Dizzee Rascal in that venue. A few years before Rudimental became successful, the band visited Ibiza and we watched Dizzee perform at Ibiza Rocks. It's mad to think that this was probably ten years ago now. The energy and vibe in that crowd were next to none, an absolutely incredible experience. Leaving the venue that night I thought how cool it would be to one day play there ourselves. It was at that point that it really started our love for the place as a band.

We are officially hyped to see Rudimental play at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, the home of the pool party. With more artists left to be added to the already brilliant line-up, keep an eye out for upcoming exciting news.

Tickets coming soon.

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