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Pikes announces hair-raising Halloween fiesta

Get ready as creatures crawl in search of blood...

To all the mischievous freaks who are here for Halloween, here's a little announcement from Pikes that'll have you descending on those fancy dress shops like bats out of hell.

Pikes' infamous Halloween party is confirmed for Tuesday 31 October. As with standard protocol, it is promising to be one hair-raising plummet into a realm where horror rules and bloodcurdling screams are mandatory.

The Brothers Grim are the ones leading the terror alongside guest DJs Artwork, Leon Vynehall, Bushwacka!, Blondewearingblack, Jon Woodall, Simon Morrell, Milou, Camilo Miranda, Harley Maxwell's Peng Deli, Andy Wilson and DJ Callum. Also in for a little slaughtering are the Fat Lady and the Crazy Piano Man, among more.

Also, not all of you will be booted out at dawn, as for the first time ever Pikes is throwing open the doors of the Haunted Hotel for guests to spend the night should they wish to extend their terror. Ooeer.

Halloween in Ibiza is notorious for being rather excellent, so if you're looking for an October break, let the island be your destination. More information on this hellish affair can be found here, and details on booking at the Haunted Hotel can be found here.

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