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Robin Ordell unleashes tracklist ahead of tINI And The Gang date

A hitlist of house bangers that give you good reason to head to Underground Ibiza on Tuesday.

Nice-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Robin Ordell is an international artist who's rarely heard on the shores of Ibiza. Ardent fans of crowd-pulling London party series Half Baked will know him as one of its key residents, with Ordell being enlisted by the crew way back in 2009 – the year it was conceived.

Half Baked gave him a platform to hone his mixing craft, and he soon established himself as a versatile selector with a gift for weaving a variety of styles into his sets with self-assured coolness. A few weeks back we had Half Baked flown in for a one-off appearance at Sankeys, although Ordell wasn't present. A damn shame you might say, but a few weeks on we've got him booked in and it's for none other than tINI And The Gang.

tINI knows how to throw a superb party, and part of the magic is the fact that she keeps it low key. After spells with various beach bar locations before the local government cracked down on free beach parties, she relocated to Underground Ibiza in 2016. Held once or twice a month, these are considered unmissable by island dwellers. What matters to tINI is that her residency is progressive. It doesn't sit still and in order for it to keep up that momentum, she gives us artists that aren't already heavily decorated on line-ups elsewhere on the island. She understands the needs of us ravers, and this week she's giving us a slice of Robin Ordell.

In order to ramp up anticipation, Ordell has dug into the vaults to bring you guys some of his top house selections. Dig in and make sure Ibiza Underground is on your clubbing path on Tuesday 26 September, with Bella Sarris and Varit also making guest appearances. More info on the event can be found here.

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Christian Morgenstern / Tonight You're Mine, Baby / Forte Records

"This is one of my favourite Morgenstern's tracks. I love to play this at summer after parties. It really brings out the vibes."

Lino Squares / Neuphrique / Humboldt County Records

"I was introduced to this record by my buddy Lamâche. It's the perfect blend of house, minimal and a bit of techno."

Strange Attractor / Golden Gate / Phono

"Golden Gate is one of the many beautiful Phono records you can find out there."

The Ron Honey Experience / Nightdrive / 7th Voyage

"It's hard to say much about this track. It's so classy it's ridiculous. Simple as that."

Mark Broom / Pyrion / Pure Plastic

"Mark Broom making house music and bringing UK vibes while he's at it. This one never misses the spot."

Baby Ford / NYC Slippers / Perlon

"Is it even possible to do a playlist without featuring a Baby Ford track? Absolute legend, absolute banger; the perfect loop, funky as hell."

Flextone (Atom Heart) / Alaska / Rather Interesting

"Another one of my biggest inspirations is Uwe Schmidt under his Flextone moniker. On that day he felt that day like using a snare as a kick drum. Brilliant."

Steve Bug / Rhodes Flash / Raw Elements

"One of the many underrated Steve Bug records to me. It's a little slow but pitch it up and it becomes pretty lethal."

DJ Hyperactive ‎/ Dusk To Dawn / Contact

"House music in its simplest form: a drum machine, a 303 and let's go."

Success / Tripwire / Ozone Recordings

"A house banger that I could play in any set because it just fits so often."

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