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IAMARICHBITCH to close its doors after another successful season

One more closing on the list of must-goes.

Next Friday, September 29 marks the date for the closing of Privilege's IAMARICHBITCH. The world's largest club will invite along Puerto Rican international artist Bad Bunny to perform his famed trap, rap and hip-hop tunes.

Not only will Privilege be celebrating yet another unbelievable, but the day will land on IAMARICHBITCH's king Ale Zuber's birthday, so expect double the trouble.

This is an unmissable party if trap is your go-to music style. The IAMARICHBITCH family have smashed out a second season full of performance, body-popping music and unique guests. Come and find out why Bad Bunny was nominated Revelation Artist in the past editions of Premios Juventud.

Also joining the team for a night of celebrations is the likes of Federico Kay, Kentaro, Lil' Paul DJ and DJ D.One.

See below for full details and tickets.

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