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Faithless rocks Eden's Taste The Punch

The legendary band's Sister Bliss took Eden on a timeless journey through the last three decades.

The legendary Faithless has been a household name at Ibiza's Eden for quite some time now. This summer saw the British band's Sister Bliss return to the San Antonio superclub to headline three special shows for three unmissable DJ sets and this past Friday was one of them. At her penultimate show for Taste The Punch, Sister Bliss took clubbers on a musical journey that spanned multiple decades.

The boisterous blonde took the stage around 2:00 and her presence was immediately felt as she triumphantly took the stage and the crowd roared with excitement. Faithless was officially in the building. If you did not know, at that point you definitely knew.

The set was composed of tracks that went back from the early '90s to the more recent tunes of this year. However, although her music stretched over generations, her set had one common theme; hard hitting house and techno beats to shake the soul the silly.

Sister Bliss kept things recent early on in her set playing new-age techno tunes from this year like Ferreck Dawn & AXRG's Saga and Solardo's remix of Will Clarke & BOT's Techno (Not Techno).

From there the English DJ began her journey back in time with some timeless tracks from the height of the '90s rave culture. Songs like Joey Beltram's Energy Flash had the people in Eden's main room bouncing to the hypnotic bassline before Tom Hiddleton's atmospheric re-model of Orbital's Halcyon pervaded throughout the space of the club.

The audience included both those who were old enough to live through the peak of Faithless' career and those who were not even born when the band's first album came out. It is because of this that Sister Bliss's set was a classic session that reminded both generations of where the scene came from and how it has evolved to where it is now.

Of course, the highlight of the night came when the familiar synths of the band's classic Insomnia blared over the speakers. As red lasers beamed off the giant disco ball over the middle of the dance floor, both eras of clubbers lost themselves in the immortal track. It was a reminder of how eternal Faithless actually is, and that tracks that were bangers back in the day can still be bangers now.

There's only one more chance to catch Sister Bliss this season and that is at Taste The Punch's closing party on 29 September. Best to be there.

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