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Primal Scream smash Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks get their rocks off with Primal Scream.


Rewind to four years ago and picture myself and three friends being summoned backstage by Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie himself in Manchester. Forward a few more hours and I'm chewing the poor man's ear off about revolution and the lyrics to his song 2013.

Months later, I was sitting in a London café with the man himself, chatting about politics and the history of the city. Through Bobby I was able to meet those who employed me for jobs I'd always wanted. The point is that gig literally changed my life, but enough about me.

It was always going to be a big gig, even after the sudden change of venue. Primal Scream are accountable for big things in the music scene from the 80s and onwards. England's music festival scene this year has done me proud as an avid festival goer. Throughout the summer a part of me has longed for those muddy-welly days in the English heat. Yesterday at Ibiza Rocks pressed the same buttons as those pressed at Glastonbury: awaiting a favourite band, lounging on deck chairs and drinking beer.

Madrid's Hinds supported the Scream, which was a nice touch to see the Spanish rocking the guitar strings rather than booths. The sky had cleared of its leaking clouds and Hinds perfected their witty stage talk and showed us how the recent band industry is thriving. Then it was time.

The band oozed coolness in a way that wasn't forced. Sporting flares and a shirt that was fit for the 70s, Bobby Gillespie has still got it. Like an ice cannon that spreads psychedelia, the band brought with them an atmosphere that Ibiza has yearned for. It was only right for the band to begin with tunes from one of the most important albums of time, Screamadelica.

Swastika Eyes was a track that was especially dedicated to Donald Trump, fittingly. If fighting back against fascism were done with dancing, the crowd had conquered it in one song. Strobe lights were constantly the backdrop of dancing bodies. Each tune played was harmonised by the fans in the crowd who sang along triumphantly.

As expected Get Your Rocks Off completely blew the roof off Ibiza Rocks. Floor-shaking guitar riffs and drum patterns combined with Bobby's famously accented voice had the show instantly shoot to the top of the Ibiza Rocks league.

No set was complete without Come Together, a touching track that left tears in my - and probably everyone else's - eyes. In times like today a track like Come Together has the power to unite those who've not even conversed, like it did that night. The crowd would not budge even after the band departed the stage. This song had to be played and what an ending it was.

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