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The 4 best ways to tour Ibiza

Ditch the taxis and see the White Isle in style.

Ibiza might be recognized for its renowned club scene (as it should be), but there is much more to do and see than just dancing till your knees give out at Amnesia in the dead of night. The White Isle may seem small, but you can explore loads of hidden beaches, historical sites and other natural attractions while you're here. You would absolutely regret not checking them out.

Paying for a taxi to take you all over the island can become expensive rather quickly and riding the bus could have you travelling for hours. Not to mention, there's no fun in either of those options. There are better, much more entertaining ways to see the beauty of the island and that is through a number of different excursions and tours. From driving buggies along the countryside to riding Jeeps through a guided safari, here are the five best ways to tour the White Isle.

Quad & Buggy Excursion

If you consider yourself to be a seeker of thrills, then taking a quad or buggy out for a spin might be best suited for you. E Move Ibiza offers three-hour guided tours for an off-road adventure of a lifetime. You start your trek in San Antonio before traversing around the Ibizan countryside for breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Along the way, you'll make stops at two scenic beaches for a swim, three different picturesque cliffs and you may also find yourself planting a tree.

The tour offers a transfer service to and from your accommodation as well so you won't have to worry about paying for an extra cab. This tour will have you feeling wild and free so if you want to see Ibiza in exhilarating fashion then check out more information here. Pick up from your accommodation included in the price!

Ibiza Jeep Safari

Driving is not for everyone and sometimes you may just want to sit back and enjoy the ride. The ride on the Jeep Safari may be a bumpy one, but it is without a doubt one of the most electrifying. Safely strapped into the team's all-terrain jeeps, you'll be treading off the beaten path on this expedition stopping at beaches and viewpoints that would otherwise be inaccessible - or strenuous to get to at the very least.

Multilingual guides will be with you along the way, informing you of the island's history as well as the flora and fauna you pass by. There are two tours available: a big tour that runs for six hours and stops at a typical Ibiza restaurant for lunch, and a small tour that runs for about four and a half hours providing baguettes for lunch at one of the beach stops. This one is perfect for families and for those who are nature and history buffs. If that sounds like you then get more information here. Pick up from your accommodation included in the price!

Vespa Tour

Similar to the tours above, this tour will have you travelling through Ibiza's herb scented fields, gorgeous coastlines and charming villages on a classic Vespa scooter. Guides will ride along with you to explain some of the wildlife and history of the area. Of course there will be pit stops for swimming along the way, and refreshing drink or ice cream is included in the price. Tours run for four hours and you need to have a license available in order to drive. Get more information on the Vespa tours here. Pick up from your accommdation included in the price!

Tourist Train

The cheapest of the all the methods are the various train tours that run at different towns around the island. The tour will cost you around 16€ a head, cheaper if you have children under the age of 12. The train goes through the hills, valleys and pinewoods of the island and makes stops at different villages and beaches along the way depending on which trip you decide to take. Trains depart from Santa Eulalia, Es Caná, Es Figueral, Portinatx and San Miguel. All of the information = can be found in the respective links. The most relaxing of all the tours, this one lets you kick your feet up and enjoy the Ibiza air blowing through your hair.

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