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A day on dazzling waters with Smart Charter Ibiza

A day of luxury from Ibiza to Formentera.

The yacht marinas in Ibiza Town are quite simply made to look around. Pacing back and forth in hope of catching a paparazzi target disembarking one of those luxury yachts can be productive if you have the patience. Or, you can simply conjure your own fantasy-driven images of hopping aboard and speeding out onto the Mediterranean sea.

Regardless of your choice, we're launching into a little unashamed gloating, because we got a taste of that jet set lifestyle as we boarded one of the most deluxe boats in the marina – the Sunseeker Predator 75.

Ibiza Spotlight got this delightful daytrip courtesy of Smart Charter Ibiza, the island's biggest private boat charter company. We wanted the full experience, so we could show you that you too can get your own private boat thrill, whether that be affordable simplicity or full-on luxury.

12 cruisers took to the Med, headed for the ever-idyllic Formentera. It was an absolute scorcher of a morning, and as a steely sun-worshipper, I was sprawled out on the front deck within minutes of shooting away from the marina. There's nothing quite like the sea air to have you feeling renewed after a super club stint from the previous night. As the boat raced across the sea sea lasged by sea spray, I looked like Slash on tour, but did I care? No, I felt fantastic.

Dazzling turqoise waters

As the speed was reduced with us coming to the shores of Formentera, out came the thirst-quenchers: white and rose wine, beer, cava and soft drinks were all laid out in the ice bucket ready to fill our glasses. We joined the rest of the fleet and dropped anchor a few hundred metres off the shores of Formentera's Playa de Tramuntana.

At least a good few minutes were spent boosting the ego of the sea, with various awestruck comments noting how clear and dazzlingly turquoise the waters are – you've got to give compliments when they're due, don't you? And then we were in, because unless you're still irrationally haunted by Jaws, oceans like this don't come around often, so you've simply got to get in there.

For those who didn't make the ocean leap for a swim or to get in there first with the water toys, it was time for beverage refills, cheese (lots and lots of it) and an opportunity to jump onto the other boats - most obviously the Sunseeker Predator 82 which had the DJ onboard.

Wonderful water sports

Water sports beckoned and I went in for the jet ski first, opting to ride behind a professional after a disastrously humiliating attempt at pushing the power myself a few years back. Suitably soaked I went in for the standing paddle board next and was quickly reduced from a trembling standing position to my knees; graceful I was not.

Unfortunately I missed out on some calamity with the Flyboard, but I did get a good blast with the SeaBob, which if you haven't seen it, it's an incredibly powerful mini rocket that drags you through the water at a light touch of the thumb. So much fun. For novices, please note that the power button is very sensitive, so go slow to begin with. Skim the surface or go down deep before driving it upwards and breaking the surface almost exactly as a dolphin would - almost being the key word.

For lunch, delicious sandwiches were passed from boat to boat, and we got our hands on more Manchego cheese, olives, watermelon and pineapple.

The party tunes kept coming as we ate and drank: classic dance tracks to guilty pleasures. Pete Heller's big hit Big Love brought us sonic sunshine; Backstreet's Back by the Backstreet Boys ploughed us back to our teenage years in the ‘90s and Volare by the Gipsy Kings gave us some flamenco heat. When John Paul Young's Love Is In The Air came on, it had me feeling like I was back in the loving arms of Space's last closing party.

A superb escape

With six hours spent sunning ourselves, we headed back for Ibiza and what a thrilling sight it was to see our convoy racing across the sea together, shoulder to shoulder. We spent the journey back gushing about how superb our escape had been.

On getting back to the Marina, we felt revived, full of beans and most importantly, fully taken care of. Did we want to get off? No, but eventually, we had to get off.

Smart Charter Ibiza is absolutely affordable luxury. There are many different boats to choose from and they are all priced differently, from speed boats to luxury yachts.

Going in groups of friends or family means that the cost per person can work out even cheaper, and when you're getting an unforgettable Ibiza experience, it's well worth it. As well as a range of trips offered, you can also choose your own, simply by talking to Smart Charter Ibiza's friendly staff once you have reserved your boat.

So, if you dream of cruising these waters with little to do than relax and have fun, you have come to the right place. We had a great time and so will you.


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