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Kites of all colours in the Ibiza sky

More fiesta fun with San Antonio's annual kite-flying extravaganza, now in its 24th year.

A colourful event comes to the town of San Antonio this Sunday 29 January. Known as Posa un Estel al Cel in Catalan or 'Place a Star in the Sky', this kite-flying extravaganza is a longstanding fixture in the town's fiesta programme. This year marks the event's 24th year of celebrations.

Join the crowds gathering at Ses Variades, the stretch of coastline in front of the Sunset Strip from 11 h to see the sky fill up with kites of all shapes and sizes. From modest home-made structures right through to professional stunt kites, there will be a glorious range of colours and styles.

People have been flying kites for over 3000 years and it is still one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. We can't promise that you will see anything to match the largest kite of 630 square metres. Nor can we tell you that the fastest speed record of 193 kilometres per hour will be beaten. What we can say is that the event is sure to be a lot of good, honest fun.

Kites are used for many purposes including bird-scaring, forecasting the weather and frightening away evil spirits. This Sunday they will be for one simple purpose though - having a great time with all the family.

Why not come along and place your very own star in the sky?

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