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The Bloop International Proactive Art Festival 2016 may be over but the murals that colour the walls of San Antonio, Ibiza town, Playa d'en Bossa and Cala de Bou are not. This year's mural by Ukrainian muralist AEC Interesni Kaski is called “The Revolution”, part of this year's theme of “No Fear”.

AEC returned to the island to contribute his talent for the Open Air Gallery for the third time. The piece took the artist more than 20 days and was completed at three times his normal speed for the huge surface area the mural occupies. According to the artist, the pile of stones represents society; the head, which is being changed, portrays government. The book being burned is Charles Darwin's Origin of Species with the idea that denial of evolution is revolution.

This year there were additional contributions to the gallery from artists all over the planet, who have left a lasting legacy on Ibiza this year. The artists for 2016 include Spaik from Mexico, INO from Greece, Pelucas from Spain and Yoshinobu Tatewaki from Japan. There are more than 20 murals you can visit across the island, with the majority of them in San Antonio. Take a look below at the map below to help you locate them.

If you have yet to see the murals in the Open Air Gallery, remember to do so the next time you are on the island - it's pure and awesome public art.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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