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Beauty and Bohemia in San Carlos

Featured Ibiza village

Where and what?

In the North-east of the island, this pretty village may seem small, but has lots of cute little bars and restaurants dotted about and of course its pretty white-painted buildings add much charm. The area around San Carlos is full of almond and fig trees plus you will also see many old traditionally-built Ibicenco houses. It is also close to some great beaches like Cala Nova and Cala Leña.

What's the story?

San Carlos has been well known as a centre for the Ibiza hippy counterculture and as a place for intellectuals and artists. Today it's one of those traditional villages where it may look like time has stood still, but there's a vibrant artistic side to the place that belies what you see. This is in part due to its big community of international expats and a more modern band of hippies.

Why go?

There's a beautiful old whitewashed church at the village's centre with an oddly placed belfry and a garden that has the remains of a Roman oil mill. Bar Anita is a must visit and was the hippy venue of choice in the 1960s. It's still there, does some great tapas and curiously, it is still the place where all the locals pick up their post. Top tip here, buy yourself a bottle of their wicked home made hierbas, the local liqueur.

There is also a great choice of traditional restaurants in the village, for example with grilled meat or fresh seafood.

How do I enjoy it?

Stopping in a café or restaurant and sitting back to enjoy a more tranquil Ibiza. There's one of the biggest hippy markets on the island at Las Dalias on the outskirts of the village. Here you will see the vibrant colours of fabrics, great leather goods and original pieces of jewellery.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote PHOTOGRAPHY | Peter Young

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