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New phone app for Ibiza buses

Never get stranded again with this handy Ibiza Bus phone app with timetables, routes, stops and maps of the buses and ferries on the island.

A new app has been released, Ibiza Bus, that provides details of all the timetables, routes, stops, maps, disco buses & ferries on the island. What's more, all of the information apart from the maps is available offline - ideal for those who rely on elusive wi-fi spots - and those with 3G won't need to use data roaming.

This handy app for visitors and residents alike also features your nearest bus stops, points of interest and with good attention to detail, takes into account fiesta days or public holidays. For added convenience, you can save your favourite routes for easy access too.

There is a beaches section which gives details of every single beach on the island - that's over 80 ladies and gents - and the nearest bus stop to it. Cool huh?

The Ibiza bus app will also include specific route listings for the airport, hospital, beach-only routes and comes with a search function. The Disco Bus section is great too, with a handy feature for clubbers so you can see which clubs are on which route, along with details of each of the clubs.

And if all that wasn't enough, there's even a local weather page with today's Ibiza weather or a more comprehensive 4 day forecast.

Easy to use, practical and clearly laid out, the app costs just €0.99 and it's currently available from the itunes store. The Android version is expected to be in Google Play Store by the end of November.

WORDS | Jane Charilaou

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