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New on the site, dolphin excursions!

Meet the dolphin families of Ibiza and Formentera on this wonderful new excursion by Aquabus!

Many people know that the Balearic Sea around Ibiza and Formentera is home to an incredible variety of marine life. But many do not realise that the sparklingly clean seas of the marine reserve between Ibiza and Formentera are home, at the latest count, to no less than 10 dolphin families.

Local boat company Aquabus, dedicated to sharing the riches of our beautiful island with the World, have now organised a twice-weekly excursion to these crystalline waters so that you can see for yourselves these incredible mammals in their glorious, natural habitat. The days for your diary are Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, departing around 9am depending on your pick up point.

Experienced onboard Biologist

Not only is the excursion extremely affordable, but there is onboard an experienced Marine Biologist, Noelia, who accompanies you, using her knowledge of the area to spot the dolphins and take you within a permitted distance of their location.

The Balearic dolphins and whales have been in the headlines recently, as plans by Scottish company Cairn Energy to search for fossil fuels in the seas around Ibiza and Formentera have threatened the survival of these beautiful, intelligent creatures with their dangerous acoustic surveys.

Dolphins In danger

These acoustic surveys are known to be devastating to marine life, causing disorientation, damage to the animals' sensitive sonar and in many cases, death.

As most are aware, the entire island (with very few exceptions) has rallied strongly against the oil company's plans, with all politicians, residents and business owners coming together to condemn the project. For more information on the island's fight against big oil, check out our previous article.

So we at Spotlight are delighted to hear that Aquabus are now making it possible to see the Balearic dolphins first hand. A truly magical and unforgettable experience.

The low-down

There are several pick up points: Ibiza Town, Figueretas and Playa d'en Bossa. The excursion lasts for approximately 2 hours and depending on the marine conditions (weather, wind, currents etc), your guide and biologist, Noelia, will decide which direction to head in. Maybe towards Es Vedra and maybe more towards Formentera.

Either way, a stunning view of the gorgeous coastline awaits you. The multi-lingual crew of Aquabus offer expert guidance and are dedicated to the preservation of the island's precious marine environment and much-loved dolphin population.

The boats themselves are lovingly restored, authentic Balearic fishing trawlers. Comfortable and sturdy, they offer an ideal opportunity to cruise around the stunning coastline of the islands, safe and secure, with the wind in your hair and surrounded by the magnificence of nature.

Affordable to all

And how much does this cost, I hear you cry? Just €26.10 per adult and €17.10 for children over 4 years old. Younger children go free. That's just about £20 GBP for an adult ticket, ladies and gents. Now that is a very decent price, affordable to all. We like it very much!

You can book in advance right here. It takes 2 minutes and your booking is guaranteed.

Aquabus say that the likelihood of spotting the dolphins is very high, but if for any reason the crew are unable to locate them, then the company generously offers an alternative excursion, free of charge. For this reason we recommend that you take advantage of this activity in the first couple of days of your precious Ibiza holiday, thereby allowing a repeat trip if necessary.

Not only that, but you can choose an alternative trip of equal value if you prefer, of which there are many. Just check out their fabulous range of excursions.

We hope you take this opportunity to see for yourself the riches of the Balearic marine life. A perfect way to enjoy a leisurely morning in Ibiza. Happy holidays!

WORDS | Jane Charilaou PHOTOS | Noelia Villalba

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