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Ibiza adventure - around the island walk

Discover what makes Ibiza special on this epic journey around the whole island starting on October 12, 2014.

Walking Ibiza, led by Toby Clarke, have announced this year's Around the Island Walk - a true island adventure.

Beginning on 12 October, this 11 day journey covers a distance of almost 250km with every step bringing you closer to the natural magnificence of our beautiful island.

Expect dramatic sunsets, landscapes, beaches, history, ecology, landmarks, sunrises – as you discover new, secret spots in the company of fellow walkers who are as fascinated with the island as you are. It promises to be a powerful experience.

This walk is not easy. But the sights and sensations you'll encounter along the way, along with the encouragement and support of the group will drive you forward to the glorious finale of this intense but ultimately rewarding adventure.

You'll spend close to two weeks discovering the splendour of Ibiza on this well-established trip that Toby has been hosting since 2010, when he set off with his dog Cosmo and just €1 in his pocket.

Toby's inaugural trip, widely reported in the media at the time, saw him rely completely on the generosity of strangers who gave him food, water, shelter and encouraged him when his energy levels and spirits were low. It wasn't just the island's stunning beauty he discovered but also, along the way, he found the very best of human nature. Now that's priceless.

Since then, Toby has taken thousands of people to the most stunning, special and treasured places on the island, saying:

“Every view that comes into sight will spur you on to take the next step. It's a wonderful experience. It will change your life.”

Places are limited to ten. Actually, that's nine, as there are strong rumours that Ibiza Spotlight's very own clubbing Editor, Stivi, will be taking on this very cool adventure. After a brilliant but exhausting season, this is a great way to get back to nature in the best way possible.

If you'd like to reserve your own place on the walk, please contact Toby directly on 0034 608 69 29 01

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