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The day Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza went Brazilian

Fun-loving Havaianas create a giant Brazilian flag made of flip-flops in the sand, in front of...Sands, then give them all away!

That most iconic of Ibiza beaches, Playa d'en Bossa, was transformed on Monday into a vibrant and colourful Brazilian beach party.

Showing real international spirit, the fun-loving Brazilian flip-flop connoisseurs Havaianas saluted Germany's World Cup win with their own country's flag, on the sand, at...Sands! The World Cup has a singular ability to bring the whole planet together and we thought it was fab that Brazil were here in Spain, congratulating Germany, with thousands of people from all over the world!

The flag was made from thousands of brand-new green, white, yellow and blue flip-flops, right there in the sunshine. Pretty quickly, there were long queues of happy Ibiza beach-goers who were given a pair for free to take home.

Not only that, but the helpful Brazilian spirit was abundantly evident, as this writer noticed a couple of Havaianas aficionados who had followed the instructions for claiming flip-flops but had forgotten to bring the evidence on their phones!

The idea was for people to spread the word about the party on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and bring the post, along with a humourous comment to show to the hosts using the hashtag #HavaianasIbiza. As the girl searched frantically through her bag and failed to find her phone, I saw the super-friendly PR smile, say ‘no worries' and whipped out her own ipad to assist. kudos for cheery generosity, Havaianas!

The warm-hearted Brazilian ambassadors really went to town, with a huge catamaran anchored just off the shore, big, colourful, amusingly flip-flop shaped showers, inflatables galore, 4 samba drummers and a couple of dancers bringing on the party vibe. All in the gorgeous surroundings of one of our favourite Ibiza beach bars, Sands.

Ibiza Spotlight says jolly good skills and welcome to our beautiful island, Havaianas! Thanks for sharing your free spirit (and flip-flops) with Ibiza - you can be sure of a warm welcome back on your next visit, please come back soon!

Words | Jane Charilaou Photos | Jane Charilaou

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