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Scuba diving in Ibiza

Scuba diving in Ibiza offers an extraordinary range of experiences, perfect for the beginner to the advanced diver.

Scuba diving in Ibiza is a fascinating adventure for everyone, regardless of age or experience. There are many excellent and qualified diving schools on the island offering courses from beginners all the way through to the most advanced PADI qualification.

With sea temperatures ranging from 14 to 28 degrees, and visibility generally between 25 and 30 metres, scuba diving remains a popular sport throughout the whole year on Ibiza.

Conditions are perfect for beginners in the calm and crystalline Mediterranean, but the many caves and wrecks to be found in Ibiza's magical underwater world attract experienced divers from all over the globe. These wrecks have become home to a plethora of spectacular aquatic life; exotic and beautiful sea creatures often with luminescent and other-worldly colours.

With an incredible variety of marine life, during your dive you are likely to see octopi, eye-catching starfish, open-sea fish such as barracuda and amberjack, and maybe even a moray eel.

Always popular amongst divers are the many different dive spots in the Las Salinas marine reserve. The crystal clear water and exceptional visibility here are thanks to the oldest and largest Posidonia seagrass which continues to grow between Ibiza and Formentera. It is the best conserved in the Mediterranean and has been granted Natural World Heritage status by UNESCO.

Scuba diving gives you an unforgettable opportunity to experience these underwater landscapes and spectacular marine flora first-hand...and to discover yet another hidden and magical side of Ibiza.

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Photo Credits: Scuba Ibiza

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