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Ibiza Winter Days Out - Vila Parc Bowling, Ibiza Town

An evening of great fun and light on the wallet too - Vila Parc Bowling proved to be excellent value.

Vila Parc Bowling is located on Avinguda de la Pau just by the roundabout that leads up to the hospital Can Misses coming out of Ibiza town. A first for my friends and I, we parked in the huge car park (free of charge during the evenings), easily spottable close to the building, and went to meet the rest of the Ibiza Spotlight crowd for a night of ten pin bowling, eating, drinking…and plenty of laughter.

We were greeted by manager, Vicente, who soon had us all organised with the obligatory bowling shoes (actually far more tasteful and comfortable than the ones I remember from years back in the UK) and our names swiftly input to the computer system. We were two battling teams of eight, all up for the challenge. Let the Ibiza Spotlight games commence...

Anyone who has ever been ten pin bowling will know what great fun it is, no matter how good or bad you happen to be. Whether you get a strike by knocking down all ten pins with one ball, or whether you miss the lot as the ball trickles its way down the gutter, really has no bearing on level of enjoyment. The computer screen above the lanes kept our scores, along with a running commentary of how we were doing through quirky little cartoon messages that had us all laughing…and teasing or encouraging each other appropriately!

About fifteen minutes into the game, our food and drinks arrived. Vila Parc Bowling is constantly changing its offers, but tonight we were enjoying a ten-round game of ten pin bowling, a pizza and a jug of beer for four people sharing (with juice for the children) all of which cost less than €10 per head. Admittedly, I wasn't holding out much hope for the food but, even though not home-made, it was a surprisingly good pizza.

The three hours that we spent at Vila Parc passed ridiculously quickly and it is no exaggeration to say that we all had a great time. The place is well-organised, the staff very friendly, and the only slight technical hitch we had, when the ball got stuck at the end of the lane, was sorted out within a couple of minutes.

Perfect for the kids too, who were able to bowl with barricades down the side of the lane so that the ball could not slide into the gutter, which gave them a better chance and meant they could really join in properly. They were also keen to go off exploring the many other games and activities on offer too. As well as the nine lanes of ten pin bowling, Vila Parc has pool tables, air hockey, hooping games, Pump It Up Dance, pinball machines and racing games to name just a few.

Bright and cheerful, and with a DJ spinning mainly 80s tunes, it is difficult to imagine feeling anything other than uplifted and light-hearted at Vila Parc Bowling. A great way to celebrate a birthday, or just to spend a winter's evening on Ibiza from tots to teens to grandparents. You will definitely come away with a smile on your face.

Quick Facts

What? Vila Parc Bowling

Where? Ibiza Town

When? Every day Wednesday to Sunday from 17.00 hrs. Closed 24th December, 31st December and 5th January.

Why? Fun, fun fun!

Average Spend Per Head? Varies due to many different offers and options, but €10 - €15 per head should ensure an enjoyable evening. Up to date details can be found on their website.

Disabled Access? Please contact Vila Parc directly on 971 199 540 or email to check what accommodations can be made.

Room for Improvement? We think that the far left lane is slightly tilted. Either that, or my team were extremely sore losers!!

Top Tips? If you have long nails, you might want to cut them beforehand as they are likely to break…and, no matter how much you want to impress, ten pin bowling is not a time for nail polish, boys ;)

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