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Winter Ibiza: Days Out - Sa Talaia

The highest point of Ibiza, Sa Talaia, is easily accessible and offers stunning views across the island!

At 475 metres above sea level, Sa Talaia is the highest point on Ibiza, and one gloriously sunny October afternoon, I experienced the joy of my first visit.

My companion and I set off from San Jose heading towards San Antonio. At the first roundabout, Sa Talaia is clearly signposted, less so at the second one, but taking a left here we soon saw the next sign and knew we were heading in the right direction. Less than two kilometres later, we were starting to climb up a steep but surprisingly good camino, or unmade road. We were in a jeep, but both agreed that it was suitable for most vehicles, although you would be well advised to tackle this road with nothing short of a totally clear head, and certainly never during, or just after rain. Admittedly, the road is narrow, but there are plenty of passing points should they be needed.

We made our way leisurely up the hill, stopping now and again to take in the views as they became more spectacular with each corner we turned, and we couldn't help but notice that the higher we climbed, the more elevated our moods became; truth be told, neither of us could stop grinning!

Approximately twenty minutes after starting our ascent, we reached the huge red satellite towers that I mistakenly assumed heralded our arrival, but my companion, who had visited Sa Talaia before, was wiser and she continued to follow the road downhill, and a few moments later we reached the parking area.

I clambered out of the jeep, eager to start taking photos, but instead, found myself simply standing and staring. As a rule, I tend to avoid the over-used phrase "breathtaking" but I offer it here in the genuine and literal sense of the word. My breath caught in my throat, and for a moment, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to laugh or cry at the sheer beauty beneath me. It reminded me of the first views passengers enjoy whilst flying into Ibiza, but standing here in the open air, gazing down at the bright turquoise, sparkling sea surrounding Ibiza's rugged coastline, and hearing only the distant sound of a donkey in the valley below...well, this was an altogether more awe-inspiring experience than viewing it through an aircraft window.

Wherever we turned, the views were incredible and we had great fun spotting different locations from our vantage point. We found ourselves excitedly pointing out landmarks such as San Antonio and Formentera, and were delighted to catch sight of Dalt Vila in the distance - the "High Town" for once, a long way beneath us. Why oh why hadn't I thought to bring binoculars?!

Wearing flip-flops up here was quite suitable, but we did notice several little pathways for those wanting to explore further, in which case good shoes and plenty of water (even in winter) will be required.

Sa Talaia is the perfect (perhaps only) place to see Ibiza in her true, magnificent beauty, and out of respect, I offer a couple of gentle reminders...which I am sure are unnecessary for our dear readers...but please do remember to take all your rubbish back with you and, under no circumstances, build a fire.

In summary, I have no hesitation in recommending Sa Talaia to one and all this winter...a visit there feels like nothing less than a gift to the soul.

Quick Facts

What Sa Talaia

Where Between San Jose and San Antonio

When Any time of the year when the weather is dry.

Why The best views of Ibiza from the highest point on the island.

Average spend Absolutely free of charge.

Room for improvement None.

Top Tips Take binoculars if you have them and make sure camera batteries are charged.

Recommended Year Round Accommodation

If you're thinking of taking a Winter Break in the area, we would like to recommend Vistabella Bungalows in San Antonio (just a short drive away) Open all year, these bungalows have garnered an amazing 9/10 recommendation from previous guests.
Wishing you a fabulous holiday!

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