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Ibiza Fiestas - Patron Saint's Day of San Mateo

No matter how big or small, Ibiza's villages all know how to throw a party and this month San Mateo celebrates their Patron Saint's Day.

For a comprehensive list of Fiestas on Ibiza during the year, please see Calendar of Fiesta Days

The tiny village of San Mateo will be celebrating its Patron Saint's Day on 21st September.

Located in the north west of Ibiza, and surrounded by mountains, this is an unspoiled and breathtakingly picturesque part of the island. With a plethora of different trees, including orange, lemon, almond and olive stretching as far as the eye can see, San Mateo is the epitome of a charming, rural inland village.

There are a handful of houses, a beautiful white fourteenth century church built in typical Ibiza style, and a couple of traditional restaurants; but what sets San Mateo aside is the fact that it is blessed with rich, fertile, terracotta earth which is ideal for growing grapes and has resulted in many of the locals turning their fincas into would-be vineyards. Consequently, San Mateo is considered to be the heart of Ibiza's wine country, producing the best wine on the island.

The festivities, as San Mateo celebrates its Patron Saint, continue for most of the month of September, with contests, exhibitions, crafts, sports and theatrical performances taking place.

The day itself, on 21st September, begins with Mass, followed by a parade through the village to honour San Mateo. There will be traditional Ibiza folk dancing by Grup Folkloric Sa Colla d'Aubarca, and a procession of horse-drawn carts and classic cars.

The evening will consist of presenting of trophies, live music and, of course, much feasting and drinking.

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