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Looking for an all-inclusive day retreat experience or more, Access Mind Body and Soul impresses our reviewer.

Access Mind, Body and Soul is a new concept here in Ibiza, offering a unique retreat experience. While the average retreat focuses on one specific activity, this new, all-inclusive retreat offers an impressive range of therapies and activities for one, all-inclusive price. Genius!

It's the vision of a group of highly skilled and experienced therapists here in Ibiza who also happen to be great friends. Just as they provide a treasured network of mutual support to each other, they wanted to extend that supportive spirit to others who may need it.

So, on what would turn out to be the most wonderful day I've had for quite some time, I headed for ‘Finca Feliz' (that's ‘Happy House') close to the picturesque village of San Lorenzo.

I arrived at a gorgeous villa, snuggled away in the stunning, pine-clad Ibiza mountains. The rose garden contributed, perhaps, to the delicately beautiful scent in the air. The day was improving already!

There immediately to welcome me was the wonderfully warm and smiling Rebecca Simpkin, who was no doubt taught hospitality by a shimmering host of angels. In a flash, my right hand contained a glass of deliciously refreshing, home-made lemonade. My left, a piece of warm pitta-bread liberally smeared with delectable homemade hummus. Yum!

I looked at the day's program, which included range of sumptuous sounding sessions ranging from massage to astrology readings and crystal Reiki healing. Which one to choose?!

I sat on the swing overlooking the pool, musing and munching away happily, surveying the 360 degrees of gorgeous Ibiza views. The birds were singing, the breeze was sweet. The laughter of a small group of adults and children floated across the patio.

Sincerely invited to make myself completely at home, I headed curiously inside to check out the interior. My delighted eyes were greeted by an impressive open-plan kitchen/dining room, its large, rustic table scattered with rose-petals beneath a gloriously preserved, traditional Apello pine ceiling. I continued through to the lounge. Fine art adorned the walls. The sweet smell of incense pervaded the senses. Oversized comfy sofas simply begged me to curl up and relax in their soft, inviting arms.

I was shown around 4 bed/treatment rooms, each with its own bathroom and each one cosy and inviting. One of the downstairs suites was adaptable for disabled access.

A door opened and to my surprise a friend of mine I had not seen for a while emerged. To say she looked like the very picture of serenity does not even begin to describe the look of sheer pleasure on her dreamily smiling face. “Please make me look like her!” I begged!

And that was it. I had chosen a crystal Reiki healing season. I was then introduced to my therapist, the most wonderful ocean of calm that is Ms Faye Reason, resident healer and all round beautiful human being.

I was welcomed into her treatment room with the kind of smiling eyes that inspire trust. I was, I confess, a tad nervous, having never experienced a crystal Reiki healing session before. Would I know what to do?! But I was in expert hands. Within 5 minutes, my mind drifted and I was in a state of relaxation so profound, I would not have cared had the roof caved in!

I was led gently through the healing process, every step was quietly explained and every moment was deliciously dedicated to absolute relaxation. I felt like I had been wrapped up in a warm blanket of acceptance and peace.

Faye has over 10 years training in the healing arts, and it shows. Her training comes not from any educational institution, but from the traditional healers of Peru and Guatemala whose ancient teachings have been passed down over the centuries.

That night I had the best sleep I've had for years.

Faye and Rebecca promise that you will leave their retreat “feeling like the whole you.” Understatement! By the end of the day, I felt calm and happy, with a wonderfully stress-free mind and a completely relaxed body. I felt like i'd spent the day basking in the kindness and acceptance of new friends. What a wonderful experience!

If you want to thoroughly indulge yourself, or a loved one, I cannot recommend Access Ibiza: Mind, Body and Soul highly enough. With prices starting at €80-€100 for a one day, all-inclusive non-residential retreat, it's about the same price as a round of drinks at Pacha. What are you waiting for!? Go spoil yourself!!!

Quick Facts:

What? Residential and non-residential retreats. Alternate weeks. Day retreats available.

Where? Finca Feliz, San Lorenzo

Why? Great value, amazing location, utter pleasure!

When? All throughout the summer.

Top Tip: Staff are sensitive to the needs of disabled clients

For more information please contact the Access Ibiza team on Spain +34675700977

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