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Ibiza island tour from San Antonio (all-day boat trip)

See the entirety of Ibiza’s stunning coastline, take a swim, see old town Ibiza and return by the magical sunset.

Cada lunes, miércoles, viernes desde 1 jun 2019 hasta 13 sep 2019
Desde: 09:00

Dónde: San Antonio, Ibiza

A relaxed all-inclusive trip to see Ibiza from the coastline, plus food, drinks and a sunset return cruise with live DJ tunes. An experience you won't forget. There is no better way to see it than to spend a whole day travelling around it. You will marvel at stunning beaches, secret coves, dramatic cliff faces and outlying islands in a traditionally hand crafted Ibiza boat.

Price 99,00€ adults and 49,50€ children (7 - 12).

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