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Foot tapping sessions @Malanga Café - Rod Kelba

Move your hands and shoulders while listening to great music.

viernes 31 jul 2020
Desde: 22:00

Dónde: Malanga Café, Ibiza ciudad (Eivissa)

Rod Kelba, aka Rodrigo Salcines, returns to our cabin after the good experience last summer! In 2019 he made everyone dance and in 2020 he will provide you with another type of agustera that we are all enjoying a lot in Malanga!

A native of Laredo, Cantabria, Rod Kelba was a resident at the "Saint-Tropez" and "Antro Club" clubs in his homeland, but he has also played in Barcelona (Club 13), Bilbao (Club Caos), New York and South Africa.

22:00 - 02:00 h

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