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Review: Enter Closing Party 2013

Darkside techno and the lure of the underground were once absent on the White Isle: no longer.

This summer saw Hawtin helm the second realisation of his black dotted utopia. Although his focus on concept and the cultivation of an amiable cult remained as strong as ever eyebrows have been raised about the parties overt embrace of social media and the pedigree of its self-affiliation with the underground. Over the season Hawtin and his team have used their weekly night as a platform to raise the profile of the ENTER brand to a breathtaking level. Acquiring the sought piece of kryptonite given to Ibiza's 'Best Night' the party has opened its arms in both directions, to the camps of both house and the avant-garde whilst maintaining its shadowy skin.

ENTER's reliable consistency and watershed techno brought the September crowds in countless droves. Although the main room promised the usual brand of rigid twilight beats the Terrace acted as a microcosm removed from the overall aesthetic - boating a strictly house-sided policy. Although Mancunian soundscapist Andy Stott was absent from his assigned slot in the Salon the presence of Plus8 founder and minimal birther John Acquaviva in the Sake bar was a treat. Accompanied by a satisfied smile came the deft, faultless delivery of straw-dry understated minimalism. Effect free, it was refreshing to hear such infectious sparseness in its original entirety, a welcome reversion to the infectious intricacy that marked the days of the genres bygone popularity. In the Discoteca, a live performance from M_nus heavyweight Matador continued the charge with his usual spread of darkly pervasive bouts. Sitting on a wealth of timelessly powerful hits the Irishman delivered his stems with little play or experimentation - when compared to the showmanship of label mate Jon Gaiser. As what looked like teething problems besieged Hawtin's pre-play setup, holding off the change-over, Matador was given the chance to avoid the incestuous relationship common between live acts and their music. Once he had rinsed the popular catalogue he moved into unknown territory where the singular pellets of robust, unadorned sound brought a harsh toughness to the air.

As Claude VonStroke led the constantly full Terrace on a ghetto-ized game of creaky fun and bounce, the Main Room developed a sea of glowing algae. Camera phones aloft, cheers and catcalls of 'Richieee' rallied through a collective holding of breath. The art of the monumental introduction was absent on the island until it found a willing sponsor in Hawtin. Cripplingly low bass began to reverberate sporadically before surging into a measurable tempo. The usual layers of complex needling were abandoned for a fare with little sonic variation, all crueler kicks and harder timbres. Perhaps the M_nus head and his fellow artists are realising the enviable position they hold: a chance to pour uncomprimising techno upon Ibiza. Akin to martian tractor beams, rings of vertical white light roved across a fiercely loyal crowd. This season Hawtin's team have made many leaps. Tying in beach parties, radio shows, and live streaming the party saturates the shores of the island and beyond. ENTER continues to push island boundaries and pave the way for more conventionally underground ventures, what will be the next step?

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