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Skippering your own boat

Motonáutica Ibiza offer small "semi-rigids" for hire, without the need of a Skipper! A fabulous day out.


Ibiza is surrounded by the gorgeous, often stunningly clear, waters of the Mediterranean and water-sports are a big part of the holiday culture here. We seem to have everything from wind-surfing, para-sailing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, scuba-diving and much more... and of course, then we have a huge number of charter boat options - yachts, luxury launches and so the list goes on (canoes, kayaking, paddle-boarding...)

However, just sometimes it's nice to escape on your own but part of the difficulty can be the licensing laws with regards to hiring and taking (even a small) boat out without a skipper if you're not appropriately qualified yourself. In fact, in all my time on the island, it's something I've not been able to do - until I found out about Motonáutica Ibiza.

Motonáutica Ibiza have been around for decades and I believe were one of the first companies to offer licensed charters on the island. To this day they maintain an extensive fleet of 'semi-rigids' (the layman would be more likely to think 'zodiac' or 'R.I.B.' but there is a difference) boats in both Ibiza Town and San Antonio.

Motonautica small boat hire

Recognising that people like me exist - people who just want to take a boat out on my own, perhaps for a romantic day on the beautiful blue waters that surround the island, they went into action and voila, I couldn't resist trying out their latest offering. I was already excited but when I saw these 'semi-rigids', my day was made!

I met Jonathan, one of the companies representatives at the San Antonio office, right next to the port. On hiring a semi-rigid, you're given a full brief on how the boat works, safety precautions and shown the mini bar (oh yes - water & beers are provided and if you hire it for the afternoon (incl sunset) they throw in a bottle of Cava and a couple of glasses, thank you very much)

Motonautica small boat hire

It was time to set off and Motonáutica Ibiza suggest that you either head down to Cala Comte and the islands there or north towards Cala Salada (both areas are stunning) We elected for Cala Salada and set off at a good rate towards this lovely beach.

It was such a lovely way to explore more of Ibiza. The islands coastline is impressive with some geological sights that would delight any keen photographer, looking across from the water. At Cala Salada it was time to relax. Anchor overboard and time for a swim, a little snorkelling before climbing back aboard and enjoying your packed lunch - or swimming to shore and having a snack. Even enjoy a snooze on board - there's a canopy that you can raise to protect yourself from the sun.

Motonautica small boat hire

Prices for the hire of the semi-rigids is more than reasonable - although do be aware that you need a deposit of 750 euros. As Jonathan pointed out this is as much for your safety as Motonáutica Ibiza. Your boat is fully insured and your safety is paramount.

It was, of all my experiences this summer, right up there with my favorites and I shall be looking forward to doing it again before they close operations for the winter (end of September in San Antonio but some of their larger boats are available, with Skipper, in Ibiza going into October)

Treat yourself - if you love the waters off the coast of Ibiza, this is a truly fabulous way to explore them. For more information, contact details and to make a reservation - Motonáutica Ibiza

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