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LGBT Trans Travelling Tips: Make-Up Marvels

Ibiza is undoubtedly a great destination for transgender travellers...but where does one begin if you are considering a maiden voyage? This instalment Jade tackles the subject of make-up..

“Pancake factor number one, eyeliner, rose hips and lip gloss, such're a slick little girl..”

Well Lou Reed was right, it can be great fun! But to achieve and then maintain a killer look for a full Ibiza party cycle is going to take some preparation and

My first recommendation would be to have an extensive checklist. Then simply rehearse a look so everything goes in the bag after you've imagined or actually used it.

What I don't recommend is a half-cut 4am panicked sweep of everything in the bathroom into a bin bag and attempting to check it in at the airport!

I put heads together with London-based make-up artist Elouise Kerr who advises trans-travellers on make-up.

Our top tips:

Barrier cream. Originally designed to protect workers in harsh environments, it works a treat protecting the skin from the rigours of make-up. . No matter what your gender, this is great stuff and a favourite of stage and screen people. (t's certainly one of the first things girlfriends' adopt from my tranny boudoir)

Primer: Magically closes pores and creates a really smooth finish. Benefit's Porefessional and Smashbox Photo Finish are recommended.

Concealer - Estee Lauder Doubleware is great for keeping the look going through the night.

Powder: Mac Mineraliser Skin Finish gives an extra glow that works really well in the sunshine.

LGBT Travel Tips Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender

Some thing that look like “good ideas” that aren't.

Long life lipstick tends to dry out the lips, and “fixing sprays” may be ok for the stage, but not for regular wear.

Elouise says: “One of the best ways to manage a day-to-night look is simply to plan a lipstick evolution. Go for a more natural colour in the day, then apply deeper colours and maybe glitter to create night-time glamour

All too much to think about? Let the local experts take the strain. They will come direct to your room and leave you with the confidence to strut to any pool or party.

I had great experience with make-up and hair artists, Kaew Kongthong and Smack Ibiza. They routinely work with the top performers on the island so you can really aim for a “dream look.”

Kaew (email link) has the Ibiza look to-go, creating dramatic eyes with rich colours. She's also a riot to have around!

Offering make-up and hair service , which means you can really work any look
you want. . They also get creative with the airbrushes, so if it's a “podium” look you're after, look no further.

Smack Ibiza also have some top tips:

Corina of Smack says: “For a look that's going to last I recommend a silicone based foundation. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara will keep their definition longer. And of course, a bold, matte lip!

Life's full of trade-offs, but for a glamorous island trip this is one you might just want to make. And if you are a group, the cost per head (literally) will come down. Leaving you with just the “bare essentials" to pack - lipstick, powder, concealer, mascara.

Oh yes, and sunglasses. For the morning!
(Ed's note - our Fashion Editor, Leena Bhatti, will agree wholeheartedly with you there!)

What's Jade up to next?

Stepping out: Jade begins her exploration into the island's nightlife, setting out a party plan for a first-time trans- visitor.

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