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Review: Bellamar Spa

Luxury, luxury, luxury - click your heels three times or better still just pick up the phone and make a reservation for a very special treat.

After experiencing a sports massage and some pretty impressive modern day remedies in recent weeks I was now being sent to Hotel Bellamar in San Antonio Bay for another treatment.

This time I was given the option to have a nose around the Hotel's Wellness Centre– which was on the lower ground floor of the hotel, before I began my treatment. The centre was intimate and homely and hosted a gymnasium, massage room, Spa, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam room and even an ice room styled like an igloo.

Bellamar Hotel Spa

Without hesitation I jumped into the elongated pool in the Spa area when the opportunity arose – unaware of the underwater power jets and hydro-massage shower, and was soon fighting against some stomach tingling, back massaging, water pumping machines in fits of giggles. Although I could of happily stayed in the Spa all day moving between the Ice room and the cabin like Sauna the lovely masseuse, Vanessa was ready to give me an afternoon of pampering.

Tucked away down a calming corridor, the Massage room embraced me immediately as I walked in; wooden panels and tiled walls were home to an array of plush massage oils, aromatherapy ointments, delicately folded clean towel, candles, beautiful stones and carefully selected flowers and plants. A luxurious shower impressively stood in the corner beside a devilishly tempting dressing gown and slippers. Already feeling a huge sense of relaxation, I knew from the offset that this massage was going to be amazing and I definitely wouldn't want to leave – unless tightly wrapped up in the snuggly bathroom linen.

Bellemar Hotel and Spa

Offering a wide selection of massages from body wraps to facials, I found it too hard to pick a treatment from the list. So, Vanessa treated me to an hour long Chocolate therapy massage (this treatment usually lasts 90 minutes) and as I laid down upon the comfortable massage bed I had to resist the urge to drift off and really indulge in the experience. The whole massage strongly focused on pressure points in my feet and using other materials and textures to stimulate my senses. Vanessa used a silk sheet, chocolate scrub, heated oils, scented lotions and a traditional Chinese suction cup during the massage; each creating a unique feeling which swept through my body and relaxed me to a maximum level.

Calmed by the scent of candles and the sound of the relaxing soundtrack coming from the speakers, I was in my own world of complete bliss and deeply wishing that I had opted for the extended massage. Unfortunately it had to come to an end but it did so in a lovely way; Vanessa left the room after guiding me to the shower and providing me with the soft dressing gown and some fragrant gels allowing me to wash the chocolate scrub from my body. I must admit that I am slowly being transformed into a massage convert... the silk sheet combined with warming oil and the smell of chocolate is proving too good to deny.

Bellamar Hotel Spa offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including facials, pedicures, extensive range of luxury massages, including aromatherapy treatments. All of these can be enjoyed, without requiring you to be a guest of the 4* hotel.

Please contact Bellamar Hotel directly - 971 34 01 04 - or if you would like to find out more about staying, please click Bellamar Hotel, San Antonio Bay.

Photography by James Chapman

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