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World Travel Market: Brits in Ibiza II

Some interesting statistics about British holiday habits have emerged

Some interesting statistics about British holiday habits in Ibiza and the Balearics have emerged from the WTM. Given recent performances by their football, rugby and cricket teams it won't come as a surprise to hear that participating in sporting activities is not a number one priority when lying on a beach with a pint is a viable alternative!

Intensive Fitness Regime - British Style

Only 1.6% of Balearic Brits pick up a golf club in anger, only 1.1% go anywhere near a bicycle and a mere 2.2% of them are health conscious enough to reserve a health resort or Spa hotel!
However, for the few that do wish to exercise more than their right arm, the direct winter flights from Ryanair are a boon. Already the hoteliers' association say that they are feeling the benefit from flights by the low cost airline whose passengers are experiencing a side of Ibiza hitherto unknown by most foreign tourists.

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