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Ibiza: San Bartolome 2008

Ibiza's second city, San Antonio, celebrates its second Saint's day this month


Ibiza's second city, San Antonio, celebrates its second Saint's day this month. San Bartolome, second only to San Antonio in the rankings (possibly decided on an alphabetical basis) actually has his day on August 24th, but you know the story, we celebrate for weeks before here in Spain.

The festivities are already underway and have the usual mix of sports events and competitions, arts and crafts, music, dancing and shows. Here are some of the activities coming up soon.

21st 21.00: Paco Fernandez and Gente del Sol, Plaza de España
22nd 21.00: Harley Davidson Custom Meet, Sa Pedrera
22nd 21.00: Folk Music and Dancing, Fountains Square
23rd 23.00: Light of the Night and Harleys, Sa Pedrera
23rd 21.00: Antonio, Flamenco show, Punta des Moli
24th 21.30: Folk Dancing, Fountains Square
24th 22.30: Musical Dance show, Fountains Square
24th 00.00: Fireworks display, Punta des Moli
25th 00.30: Beatles tribute show, Fountains square
26th 22.00: Wizard of Oz, Punta des Moli
29th 19.30: Beer Festival, Fountains Square
29th 21.00: Symphony Orchestra, Punta des Moli
29th 22.30: Hip Hop night, Fountains Square

and finally on Saturday 6th September you can see the Romans (San Antonio) take on the Carthaginians (San Jose) in a grand tomato battle on Es Puet beach starting at 18.00. It's all in good fun and to finish off there'll be an enormous BBQ, live bands and fireworks

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