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Don't Drink and Drive

Here in Ibiza our drink driving laws are exactly the same

Here in Ibiza our drink driving laws are exactly the same as in most other European countries. The amount of alcohol permitted is 0.5 g per litre of blood (which equates to 0.25 mg per litre of air expired) which is reckoned to be roughly the effect from drinking one small beer. As a comparison, the British limit is higher, 0.8 g per litre of blood and in Norway for example, no alcohol is allowed at all.

In an effort to reduce the number of drivers out and about on the island with more than the legal limit of alcohol Ibiza council is giving away do-it-yourself breathalyser tests. By simply blowing in a tube would-be motorists can tell immediately if they are fit to drive.

The council have unearthed some quite astonishing figures regarding alcohol – they've found that around 90% of people in a club or disco at three in the morning will have had something to drink! Naturally, they're giving the breathalysers away in places just like this.

Remember that the Guardia Civil are constantly making spot checks on motorists and that new laws this year make prison a possible penalty for those that are way over the legal limit. Please, do take care on our roads.

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