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Richie Hawtin & M-nus - Contakt at Amnesia

The heralded label and brand bring a full showcase to kick off Amnesia series of Friday night special events.

Joining People From Ibiza on Friday night duty is Amnesia Presents, a series of big events, with live performances, special showcases and exclusive appearances- and it goes bang with Richie Hawtin and posse on Friday.

All the main players will be in attendance, including 'Rich' himself, Magda, Troy Pierce and also Mathew Dear. The Terrace becomes the Main Room with the headliners in there accompanied by the all the expected fanfare that the Contakt carry. The Main Room is a Plus 8 affair with Paco Osuna and Mathew Dear leading the way.

Contakt has been given the treatment on a global scale with some huge gigs at places like Brixton Academy and many festivals. The concept, created by Richie Hawtin, is a live set together with all his artists with "mesmerizing visuals perfectly synchronized to the music, and a stage set-up that allows all of the M-nus artists to seamlessly mix together, blurring the line between when one DJ or live act begins, or ends". On stage they look something like this:

So whilst we can only be thankful for Magda's pretty face in this identity parade, the occasion is something pretty unique for Ibiza and a sure fire way to get the program of events underway in fine style.

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