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New clubbing hours ?

Are we going to see more changes to the club opening times in Ibiza ?

If you are a regular visitor to our forums - and if not…why not ? - then you will probably be aware of the big issue currently doing the rounds about the new club opening times.

As we recently reported here, the clubs are now only allowed to open from midday each day and therefore enforced to be closed for 6 hours, between 6 am and 12 pm.

But even this may not be enough to appease the local authorities, who it seems are considering changing the opening hours once more.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, there are strong rumours that the authorities in Ibiza are looking to change the legal opening hours of the clubs from 12 pm to either 4:30 pm …. or even as late as 6 pm !

While it is hard to imagine a 6 pm opening time being enforced, there are strong signs that may lead to another change in the law … meaning no clubs to open before 4:30 pm.

Of course, it is only Space and DC10 that are affected here but – if put into place – these new hours will no doubt cause a massive re-scheduling and more than a few unhappy clubbers.

One thing is for sure, there are 1,000´s of Ibiza clubbers who will be following these developments with baited breath.

Watch this space for news as it happens.

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