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DJs unite to tackle Australian bush fires

Ibiza Rocks resident Pat Nazemi rallies the troops.

Ibiza Rocks resident DJ Patrick Nazemi has put the call in to some friends to organise charity bash Fundraver.

The fundraising event takes place at OMEARA in London, UK, on Australia Day, Saturday 25 January.

Industry pals Jaguar Skills, James HYPE and Artful Dodger will all be playing alongside Pat for free. Former rugby union international-turned-DJ James Haskell is also down.

A mystery headliner from BBC Radio 1 will be unveiled on the day.

Tickets for the party can be purchased here, with 100% of proceeds being donated to the Australian Red Cross.

Readers will no doubt be all too familiar with the devastating scenes currently enveloping Australia. Bush fires have destroyed homes and natural habitats, with a reported half a billion animals likely to have died.

Our global dance music community is known for its altruistic nature and we couldn't sit idly by as Australia's unique wildlife and ecosystems burn. We applaud all those involved and anybody who supports this worthy cause.

Pat said, “As a community, we felt like something had to be done. We are really happy with the line-up. Join us in helping those in need through the act of raving.”

Even if you are unable to attend, anything you can spare to donate will be appreciated.

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