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Cocoon gold rush to Benimussa Park

We continue with Sven Väth and co. at the official closing afters.

Calling all Cocooners - you didn't think that was it, right? The party never stops.

After last night's mobbed 20th anniversary grand closing party at Amnesia, we continue today at Benimussa Park from 16:00.

The site of some pretty infamous Cocoon after parties in the recent past - including the carry-on from May's opening party - this year's theme is gold rush.

Papa plays all day long for a proper outdoor affair at the tree house, from daylight to sunset to darkness. Who knows, maybe we continue afterwards in the rabbit hole? Let's see.

Cocoon fans are renowned for having a big appetite, as Sven knows all too well. Fortunately, he is more than willing to feed hungry cravings.

This might just be the final time we get to party with Ibiza's original techno crowd in this milestone year.

Here we go then. Classics, curveballs, guilty pleasures and party anthems await.

Admission is €25 payable on the door.

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