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Jump aboard the Float Your Boat party

The ultimate sunset boat party experience.

Nothing screams summer vibes quite like a boat party. We hopped aboard the Float Your Boat fiesta on Saturday and set sail for an evening of groovy dancing, banging tunes and sublime sunset views. What's not to love?

Eager ravers gathered at the meeting point in San Antonio's harbour. All raring, we were more than ready for the ultimate boat party. With our fellow party crew including more than one stag party, it was shaping up to be an interesting trip from the off.

Once onboard the cruising dance floor, we had time to mingle with our party companions and enjoy chilled house beats as we left the port. The open sea was calling.

With DJs Andy Baxter and Paul Reynolds as our hosts for the night, the beats quickly picked up. The party was now in full swing. We, of course, hopped down to the open bar on the bottom deck for our included drinks - well it would be rude not to.

Sharing his wealth of tracks in disco, techno and house, DJ Andy Baxter had the top deck hanging on his every beat. Everyone was shaking it to each funky track.

From infecting us with disco fever with Purple Disco Machine's Body Funk…

… to blaring the tech-house sounds of Qubiko's Mono Tono, he kept us on our toes all evening long.

Every tune sounded like it was blasting out of a super-club with FYB's custom Funktion One and Pioneer XY Pro-Audio sound systems.

Steering the dance floor closer to the coast, we found ourselves grooving in the echoing surrounds of a rave cave. Partying to funky beats in an ancient cave definitely has to be one for the bucket list.

As we soaked up the final rays of sun, the refreshing ocean breeze was welcomed amongst the dancers.

The glimmering turquoise waves blended into a now rich orange skyline. Creating the most perfect horizon line which seemed endless, it was an utterly stunning backdrop to an already unforgettable party. Bliss.

There was only one thing that could pause these ocean ravers from waving their arms in the air – dolphins. We caught sight of these beautiful underwater creatures as they swam off into the sunset. I told you this was the ultimate boat party on the island.

Next up DJ Paul Reynolds dropped iconic dance floor bangers for summer of 2019 such as Roberto Surace's latest tune, Joys.

And, of course, we had to have a dance to Marco Lys' The Story Continues. This is a hot track around the island at the moment that is guaranteed to get a fiery reaction from any crowd. It sent these sea ravers loco - crazy.

Courtesy of the lovely FYB crew on board, we got to have a sneak peek below deck at the glass bottom viewing area. What a sight it was seeing the crashing waves from below.

Back up on the top deck, the atmosphere was almost tangible with dancers waving and swaying to the music. The bottomless buckets of sangria were starting to kick in now.

Facing the buzzing crowd, Andy Baxter took one last spin of the decks and invited us to chant some of our favourite dance anthems from past decades.

Ibiza dance classics such as Faithless' Insomnia and Mylo's Drop the Pressure graced our ears.

Who remembers this bop? Daft Punk's One More Time – you would be lying if you said this tune didn't get you belting every word from the top of your lungs.

The decks back over to DJ Paul Reynolds, he played us our final tracks as we headed back towards the distant San Antonio skyline.

For those not wanting the party to ever stop, the FYB team have it all. The boat, the drinks, the after-party – they've got it all covered in their unmissable ticket deals. And it doesn't stop there.

With the club combo ticket packages, you can find yourself getting down with the resident DJs of Hï Ibiza for some of the best nights on offer this season. Includes the choice of Glitterbox, Richbitch, BODYWORKS and Black Coffee. Yes, please!

Setting sail every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, no two FYB parties are ever quite the same.

If this party sounds like it could float your boat, then waste no time. Hop onboard for a sunset cruise like no other. In particular, we're eyeing the dates with Harry Romero (20 July) and Tough Love (27 July).

Though with regular appearances from island dignitries Paul Reynolds and Jason Bye, you're in good hands every sail. A party to remember, for sure.

Head below for more information on dates, line-ups and tickets. See you on the top deck!

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