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Spotify playlist | Techno ladies

Translator techno head Stefano takes on techno queens.

DJing mistress Nina Kraviz features in this banging playlist.

Techno purists are happy to see that full-blown banging techno has re-established itself on Ibiza - big time. Throughout a wave of minimal techno dominance, it was in the air for a while that the pumping heavy sound would return.

Techno heads and creative souls pushed for a change, longing for something more electro, creative and dynamic. And then boom, it happened, first as an exception, and then as the norm. Techno was back - hard, innovative and electro. And boy what a treat.

Who were the heroes of this new techno revolution? The ladies! Techno became great like never before, as they added something more to the magic formula, something that was missing.

Their resourceful and imaginative spirit shaped a musical style that was never so diverse and blunt, a real feast for the ears and for Ibiza dance floors. They hit as hard as a blacksmith with a heavy techno hammer while at the same time lifting the spirit with their passion.

Listen to our Spotify playlist for some of the best tracks produced by some of the true techno queens that played on Ibiza last season.

Check out all their thumping tunes below then head over here to subscribe.

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