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Top Releases to check in January 2013

First month of a new year, all the essential tracks you should be checking out.

Butch feat. Hohberg ‘Lullabies To Paralyze' / Visionquest / Released January 7th 2013

Two tracks apparently inspired by Egyptian and Greek mythology see Butch give us more reasons to take notice of him. Here the juxtaposition of wasp in a jar arpeggios and lucid, dreamlike melodies on Horus will have the most people talking, yet Medusa's building, opiate and emotive sentiments are also satisfying, albeit less immediate.

Various Artists ‘My Favourite Robot Eighth Stimulus Package' / My Favourite Robot Records / Released January 7th 2013

One of our favourite imprints delivers the next instalment in its showcase series. This time the honours are left to four label freshmen, but the results are typically golden. DJ Glen & Vitor Munhoz's bass-guitar led Nadie Tiene que Saber wins out, a hypnotic and off-beat work of deep elec-tech goodness, but the remaining trio are all excellent too.

Doubleheart ‘Roca EP' / Shipwrec / Released January 10th 2013

Anyone under the impression January was going to be a quiet one should think again. The Scottish partnership of Neil Landstrumm and JD Twitch may still be unfamiliar to some, but that won't be the case for too long if this production endeavour is much to go off. Ranging from powerful percussion to glittering synthdom, it's really very good.

Sex Judas feat. Ricky ‘My Girls' / Marketing Records / Released January 13th 2013

Sleazy and freaky, Sex Judas returns in all the pitched vocal, guitar licking, disco infused glory fans were hoping for. Those with an ear for Captain Comatose, Derrick Carter, Brett Johnson, and Prince take note- these slices of funk will satisfy. Meanwhile, Chicago Damn's My Girls remix delves into far darker avenues- meaty but loose drums aplenty.

Michael Mayer ‘Mantasy Remixe 1' / Kompakt / Released January 14th 2013

Voigt Kampff Test gets re-done twice after appearing on Mr Mayer's recent LP. Kompakt regular Philipp Gorbachev delivers a full-bodied, mainroom techno edit- huge harmonies and steel toe kicks hitting home, with Mule Musiq's Barnt going down a proggier route. Oh, and the The Mole turns Baumhaus into one of his ever-excellent growing groovers.

Volta Cab ‘Strange Days EP' / Illusion Recordings / Released January 21st 2013

The rising reputation of Illusion is further cemented with some rather un-Russian sounding Russian bombs. Nods to West Coast hip-hop are audible, amongst other smooth but street-wise styles, here read through a house lens. Don't Give Up even manages to find its soul roots, which is enough to make the coldest listener remember summer still exists.

Advanced Human ‘Hidden Module' / Affin / Released January 28th 2013

Joachim Spieth's notably consistent Affin, no stranger to our pages, gets the year off to a heavy start via Australia's Advanced Human. Fully charged techno business, the title track is a relentless assault, Roberto remixes into a tightly wound driver, meanwhile Satellites State and Club offer tough dubby grooves and sparse industrialism respectively.

Crazy P ‘Remixed (Sampler)' / 2020 Vision / Released January 28th 2013

Fans of Crazy P, and remixes of, might want to check the full LP release, which drops at the same time as this sampler, wherein the likes of Huxley, Maurice Fulton, and Appleblim are all featured. This short form taster is far more limited, but no less delectable, with Wolf & Lamb's luscious ode to funk-pop (We Can Only Be remixed) shining brightest.

Elson David ‘The Awakening' / Shades of Grey Recordings / Released January 28th 2013

Shades of Grey co-founders Duct and Owen Howells invent a bloke called Elson David, using the name as a moniker for this garage infused exercise in acidic beats. They're 4x4's, but not necessarily as we always recognise them; God Bless being the anomalous outing here, all staccato, fractured drum patterns, warm pads, and chopped lyrical hooks.

Groovestyle ‘Freedom Train' / The Classic Music Company / Released January 28th 2013

The word ‘tune' comes to mind whenever a needle hits this much-loved underground anthem. A firm favourite of the late, great Kenny Hawkes, here two resolutely fresh remixes ensure this is more than just another re-release. Derrick Carter does that boompty boomp thing, with Rob Mello's No Ears cut bumbling around like a groove infused loon. Dirty.

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