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Guy Gerber Preview Party at Pacha

A taste of the Wisdom of the Glove before the season starts.

Last night was the first Ibiza party for this reviewer after half a year's forced sabbatical from the white isle that some call ‘winter' and I call ‘rehab.' My summer party sneakers were to be broken in at Pacha, by Guy Gerber, hosting the second of the club's free-for-Ibiza-residents warm up parties. Guy Gerber was in comfortable tech house territory when I arrived after strolling round the corner from Spotlight night at Nine where Jaime Fiorito had smoothly assisted our transition from couch-perchers to dance floor dominators. The Pacha DJ booth was in its old spot to the right of the dance floor when you walk in, the glowing end of Gerber's cigarette pulsing in the blue light as he coolly ran proceedings, looking very comfortable up on his white-washed dais.

There was little production by Pacha standards, so it seems we'll have to wait for the opening party to see this four storey diamond encrusted talking glove we've been told so much about (it's possible I've exaggerated it slightly). What we did have was a nearly nude male dancer swathed in bobbing cow udders (inflatable surgery gloves to the unimaginative) gently thrusting his rustling cloak of teats in all the wrong (right) places. Bold.

With just over a month to go before the summer officially begins, this was no peak season sardine squish fest, a more loosely scattered crowd filled the area nicely, enjoying the extra elbow room on Pacha's dance floor and wandering into the VIP section which was atypically opened up to every Kevin-or-Perry and his dog.

As the night progressed Guy Gerber's tunes acquired more of a swagger, with some deep punchy bass lines that got us all swinging. Whilst beats and bass reigned supreme, Gerber also threw in some more melodic tracks, for example the Michael Mayer remix of Massive Attack's Paradise Circus or later Silent Shout by the Knife, both alternative classics. It was a promising indication of musical direction for this party, knowing Gerber was comfortable throwing unlikely (but effective) tunes into the deep and danceable groundwork he was building.

Guy Gerber and Pacha – fits like a glove (yeah... I went there).

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