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Departure Ibiza: 2013 Schedule Announced

A new dawn - Sankeys, Itaca and Italy.

Departure is the definitive workers party for Ibiza. If you've done a season in the past, or you're about to do one this year, you should know about these guys. The prices, door policy, music and atmosphere are all geared towards being worker friendly... being workers themselves, they understand what you want, and what you can afford.

The team will be running their usual parties at Itaca, in San Antonio, from Wednesday 22nd May with a host of local and special guests. In addition to this, on Saturday 25th May, Departure will take on the full space at Sankeys for the first time, adding another fine night of music to the already good looking opening weekend. German label OFF Recordings will be on full display, with Andre Crom, Hector Couto, Sante, Randall M & Bella Sarris, Oliver Drops (check out his podcast for Spotlight this week) and Thomas Olivier.

SPTL135: Oli Drops Podcast

The Departure parties are spreading, from its humble beginnings at Itaca, to Manchester, New Zealand, France and now looking at a new phase of expansion as they look towards managing a new festival in Italy. Vertigo lays claim to being the highest summer dance festival in the world, and takes place on the site of the 2006 Turin Olympics Ski Jump in the mountain resort of Pragelato, in the Italian Alps.

“I can't wait to get back to the island; the last four months have been spent finding ways to improve what we can offer in terms of music and production at Sankeys Ibiza and Itaca. This year joining us on a regular basis will be Randall M, Brett Jacobs, and Bella Sarris along with our existing residents Oliver Drops and Thomas Olivier. Departure exists for the workers and as such we always look to give new talent the chance to play for us.” - Andy Young, Promoter.

The Itaca parties will continue from Tuesday 4th June, up on the rooftop overlooking San An bay, with the venue investing in a new soundsystem in support. Events will be announced weekly.

But wait, there's more! Departure will also be holding additional parties around the island all summer. Sundays are the big ones as they 'mark out their territory' at Sankeys in Room 2 as the rival gang to the Viva Warriors, under careful leadership from Steve Lawler, known as The Departure Furies. If you're unsure what all that's about, check out the film here. The residency will run for 15 parties from Sunday 23rd June. Members of the gang will include Brett Jacobs, Randall-M, Bella Sarris, Oliver Drops and Thomas Olivier, with guest appearances from Steve Abot, DJ Chad Andrew, Scott Kemp, Stewart Hawkins and many more to still be confirmed...

To uncover this new talent Departure are working with Mixcloud. To find out more about this opportunity to join Departure click here.

Departure Podcasts available on Soundcloud.

Tickets will be available for all parties soon, though you can get tickets for the 25th May party now.

Wednesday 22nd May – Departure Opening Party: Special Guest, Jack Wickham, Oliver Drops, Thomas Olivier.

Saturday 25th May – Departure presents OFF Recordings vs Avorte: Andre Crom, Hector Couto, Sante, Randall M b2b Bella Sarris, Oliver Drops, Thomas Olivier.

Tuesday 4th June – Tuesday 13th August – Departure at Itaca

Sunday 23rd June – Sunday 29th September – Departure Furies at Viva Warriors in Sankeys Ibiza

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