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SPTL100: Carl Cox Funk & Soul EXTRA MIX + Jon Sa Trinxa

Available to stream only - a very special Funk & Soul mix from Sands 2011, and our 100th podcast from Jon Sa Trinxa!

In celebration of 100 Ibiza Spotlight podcasts, and 50 fine years of life, of which the majority has been spent making people grin wildly each time the phrase "oh yes! oh yes!" is heard, we bring you this very tasty extra podcast from Carl Cox.

In searching for people we could have as our 100th podcaster many names were drawn up, with some great suggestions. But the combination of Jon Sa Trinxa and Carl Cox putting together two very distinct podcasts developed into the perfect senario for us here at Spotlight - there are few other people who can so accurately represent Ibiza in such a positive light.

Carl Cox is celebrating his 50th birthday today down at Sands in Playa d'en Bossa with Pete Tong and others - expect a complete aural treat of beats and sand. Lots and lots of sand that will end up in all manner of unwanted places. The event is free, as with all Sands parties, so you've really no excuse to get down there. Don't forget to bring a card and present - Carl is a keen biker. So perhaps some new leathers?

The Jon Sa Trinxa podcast is extremely special. A mix from a guy who has held a residency at the infamous Sa Trinxa beach bar down on the beautiful Las Salinas beach since 1994. Jon represents a culture in Ibiza that we should all know more about, and should all experience as much as possible. Away from the commercial money making giants of the music industry in Ibiza, Jon has existed in spendid ignorance, pushing forward the eclectic music styles he loves and shares with all those that have seen him play. If you fancy learning something about what Ibiza REALLY has to offer, why not take a trip down to the bar and grab a Hierbas with the man?

More great music in celebration of 100 Ibiza Spotlight Podcasts from Jon Sa Trinxa. Click the photo below.

SPTL100: Carl Cox Timeless Funk & Soul Mix at Sands Ibiza 2011 for Ibiza Spotlight by Ibiza Spotlight on Mixcloud

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