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Review: Professor Green & DJ Fresh at Ibiza Rocks

Back from his sneaky Mallorca trip, McRackin delivers another Ibiza Rocks review...

You know it's going to be another of those big nights when you arrive as early as usual and find so many people queueing outside and in the the hall of the hotel! 

After opening for The Streets last year, drum'n'bass and dubstep producer and DJ Daniel Stein a.k.a. DJ Fresh was back this time with his new Fresh/Live show that incorporates a full live band with a MC, a singer, a guitarist, a drummer (the incredible Paul Kodish, ex-Apollo 440 and Pendulum member) and the man himself on keyboards!

Apart from the number one hit singles "Hot Right Now" and "Louder" (during which everybody got their lighters and phones out), that will be part of his third album expected for September, we also heard "Gold Dust" (first song of the night), "The Power" (his recent collaboration with Dizzee Rascal) and his re-work of "Paradise" from Coldplay among others. Just when we thought it was all over he returned to the stage accompanied by his MC and gave us a sneaky taster of what will be the third single of his forthcoming new album. Remember that he'll be back, as a DJ, for a couple of dates at We Are Rockstars (July 27th + September 7th)!

Last night the talented Professor Green (born Stephen Paul Manderson), who already headlined last year, played this summer's only full live show on the island with his band... no live PA's at Ibiza Rocks, thank you very much!

There's no doubt that he's a good entertainer and knows how to put up a great show... actually, like it happened with Labrinth some weeks ago, I like his songs much more live than on studio recordings. This time he was presenting his second album At Your Inconvenience but he didn't forget the big tunes from the previous Alive Till I'm Dead ("I need you tonight", "Just be good to Green", Monster", "Jungle", etc). During the 75-minute gig Dream McLean and other friends came out and joined on vocals. The biggest moment of the night arrived with the closing "Read all about it", his first number one single in the UK charts!

See the complete review with more pictures & setlists here in our forums!

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