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Review: Café Olé, 1st September

PVC, leather, whips and chains...

The sound of Salt-N-Pepa's record 'Push it' on entrance into Space last night initially surprised me, at first thinking the hip hop track was an odd choice of song but after pairing the sexual lyrics with a visual spectacle of bondage, scantily clad men and women, oily biceps and toned buttocks it all made perfect sense. Last night's party name 'Café Olé is pervert' kind of hinted towards fetish, naughtiness and sexual fantasy and being the brother of original gay-friendly night Matinée it had a lot to live up to. Adopting a different theme each Saturday I was pleased to be attending the baddest of the bunch... naughty boy's and girl's had joined forces, drag queens had layered on the lashes and couple's who were open to a bit of window shopping had all come out to play and the Discoteca was their playground.

Space, although quieter than other nights, had a really nice buzz to it and the red and gold decor of the Terrace was accompanied by a black and white film which flickered across the walls helping attract an array of clubbers. Sexily dancing their best Spanish salsa the crowd moved to the sounds of Borja Delanera, Rafha Madrid and Eddie Thoneick. Wanting to 'perve' on a few more abs I explored the Main room and arrived in time for the sexy show. Usually I find these shows a bit too cabaret like for me or nothing more than a parade of ridiculously good looking people performing a few less than average dance-moves, but last night the dancers - who unlike me certainly can resist a carb, resembled a group of angels who had stumbled across a bondage store. From head to toe these dancers were smoking hot, like silly hot, and the tight leather and chains which draped over their bodies was a very good look.

The men were dressed in anything from studded thongs to tight 'not leaving much to the imagination' pants whilst the girls were sporting a sexy policewoman look as well as the odd head to toe PVC get up. Aside from the outfits the production of Café Olé was perfect for a sexy fetish party; cages were towered high either side of the DJ booth whilst a rotating horse found comfort to the side of the dance-floor as a half naked male fire breather descended from the roof dangling through a hoop. Alternating the dancers in the cages from the bad boys to the girls made the show interesting and provided us with constant visual treats. There was no escaping the sexiness of last night's party as even the bar men wore leather braces and hot-pants and other dancers could be found walking around enjoying the night.

As with most gay-friendly nights on the White Isle the crowd was fantastic; full of smiling faces, clapping hands and flirtatious dancing whilst the show went on with Danny Leblack playing some tunes. Mixing a selection of house music perfectly together to suit the exciting party vibe, Leblack entertained the masses with the Balearic sounds of Dani Vila, Cabreira & Vegas's track 'Tambora', the funky tribal record 'The Zoo' by Yves Larock as well as slow burning tech track 'Strange Fruit' by Jay Lumen and Gary Beck. On top of the musical spectrum we were also treated to a performance by entertainer, Miss Davilota who climbed into one of the cages and spoke sexily over Adele classic 'Rolling in the deep'. I may not have been wowed by his performance but he definitely had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand and his love for the audience was captivating enough.

Taking a step out of this world of sexual fantasy that I had found myself in I went back into the Terraza to enjoy a few tracks from Eddie Thoneick who played Jordan Peak's 'It's a Groove Thing' as the crowd danced away clearly feeling every beat with their bodies. Finally, as if my evening hadn't involved enough brilliantly bizarre treats I was handed a cone of popcorn as I passed through the Sunset Terrace which was home to another caged beauty. So, after seeing the best selection of abs and arses on the island I definitely left Space with a smile and would recommend Café Olé to any of you who want to escape to an X-rated Narnia.

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