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Top Releases to Check in October 2012

These are the tracks you should have checked out from the last month.

Tone of Arc ‘Goodbye Horses' (inc. Deniz Kurtel Remix) - No.19 Music / Released October 1st 2012

Arguably the scariest 80s track ever- best known for being Buffalo Bill's ‘theme' in Silence of the Lambs- is even darker here, with Tone Of Arc showing off twisted pop sensibilities. Moody and trippy, it's somehow still a bona fide party number, meanwhile B-side Sound Sail offers huge melancholic house styles, with Ms. Kurtel putting a little more emphasis on the dancefloor when her take on the latter lands.

Shall Ocin ‘Tribute To Summertime EP' - Leftroom / Released October 8th

With Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones in support it should go without saying vocal soul and straight up house are at the centre of Leftroom's latest. Gershwin's Summertime is re-read with four fours and sombre pianos, creating an emotive mainroom track. Deeper tones lie within Feel The Same- all submerged vocals and warm chimes- with I Know finishing things off via electric-guitars and smooth up tempo grooves.

Guy Gerber ‘Steady EP' - Supplement Facts / Released October 8th

Gerber's usual attention to detail and musicianship is evident from the off on the title outing; a reflective, live-sounding house affair boasting strummed six strings and airy lyrics (from dOP's Jaw). Midland trumps it with a huge reworking, halfway between Sasha and Aus Music, whereas B-side The Golden Sun & The Silver Moon mixes slightly Balearic melodies into a thick, deeply textured futurist style.

Alvaro Brites ‘Code Vision EP' - Question of Time / Released October 8th

Naming a track Interlude seems pessimistic, until you hear how the opening tune here goes. Aptly titled but impressive, it's off-tempo beat, warbling synths and broken percussion result in dub tech presented as bass music, perfect for a tempo change. Code Vision itself is less standout, opting for a bouncy straight up house approach, then Constantino and its solidness toughens up, crowd noises, roll and all.

Volor Flex ‘Conspiracy' - Apollo / Released October 8th

Dark undertones abound on the latest reason Russia is in rather good production form right now. Brooding, glitchy, and boasting a hoover b-line, Pressure sets the scene well for what's about to come. Namely the d'n'b influenced ravey title track (something of a box fresh monster- all vacuum packed breaks), and then About You heads towards South London, nodding to the hi-tech soul of future garage and the like.

Ben Sims V Stephen Brown ‘Fuego / Polar' - Theory Recordings / Released 14th October

Anyone who likes their club music stripped and dark-edged, or solid and impossible to ignore, will be impressed. Complete with majestic, spacey breakdown Fuego sets the ball rolling in a strong way, its woodwind-esque bass providing an early hook. By comparison Polar is far more reserved- baritone organ stabs and funkier accents set to a hulky beat. Both are Ben Sims-ed too, who turns them into peak-time techno bombs.

U ‘MMAKEU01' / ManMakeMusic - Released October 15th

If true variety is risky for an album it's commercial suicide in EP form. Still, problems in trying to categorise this means there may be copies left in stores by the end of the month. Which is good, what with the lunging, mechanical house of Eah, those stabbed vocals set to a shuffling four four in Haunted, and Evil Spirits, which will do fans of DNTEL nicely with its lo-fi electronica. Oh, and Heaven is downtempo club bliss.

Lee Scratch Perry & The Orb ‘Soulman Remixed' - Cooking Vinyl / Released October 22nd

Their recent album, The Observer, was an electronic triumph, and here the same meld of synth and dub is very much pronounced again, not least on the original Soulman, with Perry's soothing voice matched to otherworldly chord refrains. This time though we also have percussive grooves via Ricardo Villalobos, Pole's heavy reefer atmospheres, and an uplifting piano steppa from Gaudi, adding new light through remixes.

Toktok Vs. Soffy O ‘Hooray' - Tok Tok Records / Released October 29th

It's wonderfully weird in the way sexy female vocals, d-irty electro low-ends and sharp studio work only can be, with this return to productivity for a well respected duo showing people exactly how it's done. The opening number is one of those tunes, once heard never forgotten, like Andrew Weatherall in repetitive filth mode, and B-side Psychic Bird is punk walking hand in hand with rave. In short- pleasingly unabashed.

Mr Ho ‘The Inflated EP' (inc. Nick Harris Remix) - Klasse Recordings / Released October 31st

Stripped best describes everything on offer here, though most of all The Inflated. Spiralling synths and busy percussive edges married to basic bass stabs threaten to impact some serious damage on the floor. No Explanation goes for more of a shuffling vibe, employing string refrains and Chicago style low-pitched male words, before Bristol honcho Nick Harris remixes the latter with heavier drums and far more jack.

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