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Review: Ricardo, Raresh and Onur Ozer at Cocoon Closing

Twelve years on and still as popular as ever, Cocoon ends the season with a twelve hour techno extravaganza.

So we have come to the final stretch of the summer season and the last of the closing parties are in sight. Last Monday saw one of the biggest dates in the party calendar, Cocoon, come to a titanic end. With special extended opening hours until midday, it was a techno marathon.

At 3am Amnesia was packed to the rafters and Tobi Neumann, back to back with Onur Ozer, was getting feet moving in the Terrace. Starting with a slightly lighter edge before moving onto bassier tracks and making the most of Amnesia's sound system, they steadily built up the atmosphere on the dancefloor.

By the time Raresh took to the decks, the techno was pumping and the crowd was going wild every time the air canons blasted down on them. He showcased his signature sound with expert smooth mixing, lots of effects and constant subtle changes of the melodies, creating a hypnotic air.

Taking the night well into the morning, Villalobos then took the reins. Chords were layered over an up-tempo beat that progressively got darker, conjuring up a few Berlin techno warehouse moments. Playing around with the speed, confetti began to fall from above as the music took a slow, weird, melancholic turn.

Looking around, the scene inside the club was ecstatic. The balcony was full with dancing onlookers, while two girls right up the front on people's shoulders madly waved their arms into the DJ booth to show their appreciation. The club was now light as the sun beamed down through the glass ceiling and Villalobos was in his element, swaying around in the booth, surrounded by partying people.

About 9am Raresh and Onur Ozer returned for all three to go back to back. Picking up the pace with a running clapping beat, the crowd erupted again with a renewed energy to take them through to midday.

Villalobos has been up and down throughout the season, but in the last few weeks at Cocoon he has proved when he's good, he's amazing. Coupled with the likes of Raresh and Onur Ozer, Sven Vath can be happy with another memorable Cocoon Closing.

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